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  1. Congrats and yes it takes some getting use to , but the new Cpap machines are great !!!!
  2. Congratulations ... that is so true , 10 years is a long time... I filed my claims in 2009, went through regular channels and a DRO, ( cut and paste job) I was getting very discouraged , but finally got a bva video conference in Oct 2018, go figure... I read on here a while back that documentation wins at the BVA.
  3. Good for you !!! I decided to do it back in 2015 , since then things have been a little less stressful. That is a long time to fight...and I thought my original claims were long ( back in 2009) .
  4. Congratulations.... that is such a long fight
  5. Thank you for your quick response.... I am curious to how I would state the issue got worst. Is the VA responsible for the trucking accident? ( I don't think so) so how would the VA probably look at the way it became worst.... Do I show the MRI's from the accidents ? I'm guessing the DDD for my back and thining disk probably was a reason why my spinal cave and broke so easily ... I though that while my case has be certified for the bva and wasn't service connected yet that I couldn't ask for an increase...
  6. Hi all, hope everyone is doing well... I have another question I need help with please , I'm in the appeals process for one of the issues concerning my back and degenerated disk disease. I am confident that the denial will be overturned or remanded because of the obvious over looking of my documentation and rewording of my edvidence to fit the denial ( you wouldn't believe how they did it ) , however, my question is can I file for an increase if my condition got worst through another means? I was hit by a semi truck and now I have permanent spine damage consisting on 2 annular tears and 3 herniated disk impeding in the nerve sac at three different spots. I can't bend much at all.... My Ortho surgeon is requiring back surgery. Does anyone know how does that work? Thank you all in advance ...
  7. Dr Wayne C. Ross in Atlanta, he has done the same for a buddy of mine but the write up was not so severe. He is definitely a good guy who cares about veterans.
  8. Thanks to every one that replied... a board psychiatrist did a dbq and a ime, this was on top of the contracted VA psychiatrist who both stated total or serious issues. First the VA denied me because they said that there was no diagnosed current ptsd, after I got 2 more clinical IME ' s ..they said the both didnt hold weight because one didnt do a dbq and the other one didnt reviewed the initial ptsd c& p examination... so thats 4 drs who diagnosed me with ptsd compared to the VA hosed up c@p exam...The examiner has less years experience than all the other examiners...After the DRO now the VA is trying to question the stressor..(again) this is just crazy how the VA makes things up, now I'm in line for an appeal. I know my claim is possibly a complex one but this is crazy... the VA saw total and comp and said . ×#÷$%^ no ! My attorney is arguing that the VA failed the assist with the claim, failed to analyze the entire record, and failed to apply the benefit of the doubt rule. What do you guys think? w
  9. Hi all, does anyone knows what authority the VA has to state evidence holds no weight. It appears that 2 main IME ' s that was favorable for me got shot down. How's does that works and will the B V A truly look at the evidence during trials ? Thank you in advance
  10. Hi all, hope everyone is doing great. .. I got a call from the VA ( I'm guessing a rater), who left a message that a decision was made on my claim. I will call tomorrow but I went on ebenny website and I saw PFB granted.. But at zero percent... If that's the case, what good is the award? I'm a little surprised because when I went to the c&p exam for pfb, the doctor was saying this is definitely not light and minor... He actually sad that was bad as he took pictures.. I got a copy of the exam and it was like a change of mind. He stated it was less than 5 percent of the body, ???? Body? I think the face is 5 percent... You normally don't get shaving bumps other places...which equals 0 percent... Any comments or thoughts. ? There were nothing about my other contentions....
  11. Thank you... does any one knows the address to Mr Bob?
  12. Thank you both for your responses... Detel I agree with you,however; Qtc will not release anything stating the purpose why it was cancelled. I definitely don't want to record someone's conversation without their knowledge. I already keep notes of everything and hope that the VA has decided to do the right things but I'm not holding my breath... I'm wondering if anyone else has gone through this... Should I be worried? The results from the last two exams were in my favor so I know that the VA is tying to get more negative ( fabricated ) evidence on their side.. QTC also stated the the VA is requesting an IMO from them....just seems like the same rat wheel... Josef .. Thank you for responding, it seems like your response is all about your case, but once again thank you for responding.....
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