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  1. nwlivewire

    Am I Eligible Or Smc (S) Now?

    Thank-you One and All for this very informative discussion and for sharing your experiences. Yep. I'm new to this "system" and I don't understand all the ins-and-outs of the postings. I have copied and saved this thread to my computer so I can print it out and take it with me when I can get to see a VSO. I have heard the one local VSO in my area is "iffy" at best. Just what I heard from a female Vietnam Vet who thought the VSO minimized her situation because of his gender perceptions/expectations. Really??? I sure hope this is not the case with this VSO as this would be very uncool/unfair. Illegal I hope. But I will be getting contact info this week and see what happens when I show up. So any additional info any of my Brothers and Sisters have on this topic, please post as I am saving to my computer and will print and take with me. Again, thank-you ALL so very much for responding so fully to this thread! V/R, nwlivewire
  2. nwlivewire

    Am I Eligible Or Smc (S) Now?

    OK. This is nwlivewire, the original poster with the SMC (S) (see first posting). I'm kinda got lost here on this thread as so many others are using this thread for their issues about SMC (S), too! So, I currently am at 100% P&T AND I am on SSDI I don't hardly go anywhere (no car), don't have any desire to mingle with people, and I go to get groceries once or twice a month - that's about it. But I could really use some help around the house as I can't lift much or run the vacuum cleaner and things like that. PTSD = 70 Bladder = 60 Lower Back = 40 R. Shoulder = 30 Asthma = 30 Neck = 20 R. Knee = 10 L. Ankle = 10 Tinnitus = 10 What is this TDIU? How is that different that 100% P&T? Do I need to get a TDIU designation on my 100% P&T to qualify for some help with SMC(S)? If so, what forms do I need? I live almost 100 miles from the VA, so I could rent a car if I need to. I am 59 years old - just retired 2 years ago. But I was rated 70% Army and 100% P&T right off the bat in 2012. Got SSDI awarded in 2010 - 2 years before the VA totaled me in 2012. V/R, nwlivewire
  3. nwlivewire

    Am I Eligible Or Smc (S) Now?

    Thank-you for your speedy response. Too bad I don't qualify for any SMC (S). I appreciate your explaining this to me. V/R, nwlivewire
  4. nwlivewire

    Am I Eligible Or Smc (S) Now?

    First time poster and have a question about SMC (S) I have been told both "YES!" and "NO!" as to my eligibility to apply. Can you please help me by providing your answer? And,how you came to logically/legally arrived at your answer? My situation is as follows: Army PDRL discharge - APR 2012 - 70% - IDES process (VA/Army both at once) ARMY RATED ISSUES:(ARMY USED VASRD %) 1. LOWER BACK = 40% 2. R. SHOULDER = 30% 3. NECK = 20% 40 + 30 + 20 = 70% VA FINALIZED IDES CLAIM - JUN 2012 - RETRO TO APR 2012 = 100% P&T VA RATED ISSUES 1. PTSD = 70% 2. BLADDER = 60% 3. LOWER BACK = 40% 4. R. SHOULDER = 30% 5. NECK = 20% 6. TINNITUS = 10% AT THAT TIME, VA "DEFERRED" 3 ISSUES FOR FURTHER ASSESSMENT, BUT ALLOWED THIS 100% P&T RATING/ISSUES TO PROCEED 70 + 60 + 40 +30+ 20 + 10 = 100% SEPTEMBER 2013, VA FURTHER AWARDS RATINGS FOR THREE "DEFERRED" ISSUES - AND, RETRO'S THEM BACK TO DATE OF ORIGINAL CLAIM ABOVE - APR 2012 (THESE ISSUES WERE PART OF THE ORIGINAL CLAIM, but it took the VA another 15 months to decide and then rate them) THESE VA RATED ISSUES ARE: 1. ASTHMA = 30% 2. R. KNEE = 10% 3. L. ANKLE = 10% ******************** So am I eligible to apply for SMC (S)?????? Or any other code??? Thank-you very much for your time! V/R, nwlivewire

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