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  1. Wow all these acronyms! Looks like I have some reading to do!
  2. Appreciate all the info that everyone has given so far. I was treated for my back on the USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN71, Naval Hospital Pensacola and then after service private doctors. One said I had degenerative disease of the spine and others have said my muscles are week. None seem to explain why my lower back pops and aches daily. My upper back is in and out of soreness and aching, I suspect from the extra pressure created by my lower back problems.
  3. Im just about to start my journey in filing for a service connected disability (back, hearing, knees and hip). Im at a loss as to what to do first. Im trying to keep from "shooting myself in the foot". I served 1994-1998 (USN). I fell on my back on an aircraft carrier and my back has been trashed ever since. I am now 42 and was injured when I was 24. Do I just file for disability for the above first and then goto more doctors and get the documentation that disputes the VA's denial or do I goto the VA first and see their doctors on my issues and use that to file with? Ive never been to the VA and have always used regular medical services. I have very good insurance. (I work for a Federal Agency) so I have FEHB. Appreciate any help/guidance everyone can give me.
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