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  1. Hi I am a 38 year old veteran who has numerous service connections. right now the VA is proposing a reduction in one, which brings me to where I need help. Right now I have a service connection of 60% for coronary artery disease, I had 2 back to back 100% blockage heart attacks last may within 12 hours of each other. Ever since my heart attacks I had been asking about going to work. (I was unemployed at the time) The VA doctors kept saying to needed to run more tests before determining if I could. in September of 2013 just 3 months after suffering my heart attacks a stress test was performed, then in October I found myself in the cath lab to have another stent placed inside the four that were placed in May, due to the artery over growing the stents 86%. so I once again start asking the doctors about working. still no answer. in the mean time as soon as I told unemployment about the heart attacks the stopped payments. so finally in February of this year the doctor does yet another stress test and says my METs are at 7, however he says I can go back to work with the following restrictions: no stress desk job, cardiac precautions, no lifting more than 10lbs. Hmmm where am I going to find "gainful employment" with those restrictions. So I filed a claim for 100% permanent and total, went to the C&P appointment, the VES Dr. agreed with the VA Dr. but sent me for an ECHO which showed an ejection fraction of 67%. Wow really I am on blood thinners if it wasn't good than my Meds would not be working. So then I am told to file for IU, which I have done, I have been uploading all kinds of documentation and information that I found on the internet that states that the Ejection fraction is affected by the meds I am on, and that according to the restrictions put in place by my doctor the METs would be considered 1.5-2.5. So I ask other than coming off my meds and getting a job that does not meet the restrictions, which then almost definitely end in a very quick death, what more can I do to 1. Expedite this process, and 2. Prove to the VA that their claims are without merit? I mean seriously they actually said that my CAD is getting better. No it will never get better, it is maintained through medication, and lifestyle. That's like telling someone with a broken leg to take pain pills and just stay off it. it will get better. no it wont a broken leg can be reset and casted, the muscle damage to my heart is permanent.
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