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  1. Hi there, for mine, what they said I kept being denied for was because I couldn't prove it happened when I was "in" the Army, although I had been in therapy in the VA since I got out. Finally now that I got the sgt. in ft. drum to verify in writing that I did tell him about it and nothing was done to help me (which has been in all my statements about what happened) I simply cannot see why I would be denied again. I had my hearing Nov. 3 but have no word back yet..... if you get denied again I would go to a VA lawyer to look over your case. Most will not charge unless they win for you. Even if you don't hire a lawyer At least you will know what evidence you have to gather. Hope this helps ? Don't give up, what happened was not right and you deserve to have respect and assistance.
  2. I hope you mean that I am finally going to be service connected... and not be close to death before it ends! :) totally joking ? one thing about trauma you get a weird sense of humor.... but seriously thank you for the kind words appreciate it!
  3. Update Nov 2016, so, I had my DRO hearing finally last week. It was emotional but I did say everything I needed to express myself. This was another step forward, regardless of the outcome I stood up for myself again and told the truth in spite of being uncomfortable. I'm sorry if I haven't seen or responded to any comments I have been off the site for a while. Hopefully I will get a decision soon (within a year I'm hoping). Fighting for yourself isn't for the faint of heart for sure, but I will keep telling the truth until someone listens. Wishing the best for each person on here.
  4. Just an update.... My lawyer sent the NOD for me in 2014..... The VA wrote a letter back stating I will hear back from them July 2017. Yay only one more year to hear back lol. It has been 16 years since this happened so I'm in it for the long haul I continue with my therapy and medication. I hope all is well with everyone else. Ps I'm not sure if anyone read my other post, but I was able to locate one of the sgts I "told about the rape in 2001" and I called him at ft drum and he actually wrote a statement for me! He told me it was one thing in his life that he regretted not saying anything to anyone and wanted to help me. I cannot express how healing this was for me to finally have someone validate that what happened was wrong. I do not recommend contacting persons involved...but for me I had to... Even if It meant another rejection..... Anyways other than getting the person who raped me to fill out a statement on my behalf I have done all I can...so now I wait.
  5. Thank you. Yes, I had no "reported" evidence except for a questionnaire I filled out that " went missing" imagine that lol. But I know what happened and I know I told people so now it is on them to tell the truth and I had to force myself to not be scared of their response, and I was surprised beyond belief that they had been carrying such guilt but now are able at least to try to help. We will see what happens with the VA but I'm just happy I am moving forward. Glad you are taking care of yourself too!!!
  6. Hi there! Just an update, I went to a lawyer who said I needed more evidence,so I obviously just wanted to give up and stop fighting for myself, BUT I have not and will not. If I was going to give up I should have done it 13 years ago! I could not stand up for my self then, but I can now, and I owe it to myself and all other men and women who we raped in the military to do so. I found one of the people I told when it happened ( now I'm not recommending everyone do this) I prayed to God to give me the courage to call him and ask for a statement knowing he is still in the Military and could say "no", but I figured if he said "no" then he would have to live with that guilt for the rest of his life, so I called. He said he remembered me telling him but that I was scared so I told him not to tell anyone else (which was the truth) he then said something that has given me more relief than 13 years of therapy....he said it was "one of the worst mistakes of his life." He said he knows what to do next time if that ever happens and that he was sorry he didn't tell anyone. He wrote a statement supporting MY truth. I cannot tell you how freeing this feels.. Someone acknowledges that it WAS a big deal, and was thinking about me and about what they had done (or not done). I encourage all of you NEVER give up on yourself.. We have to stand up for what is right even if it is uncomfortable. How can I teach my daughter to stand up for herself if I cannot do it myself? You are out of the Military and are in a safe place now to stand up for yourself. Use the VA rejection to dig deeper and face those fears. I will Keep telling the truth for myself and all of us. Our feelings MATTER. You can get through this on the other side is freedom.... Whether I win or not I have already won by telling my story Were*
  7. Awesome that you wrote a book, what courage it takes to tell your story. Never give up on yourself! You DO matter.... And you are not alone. Keep pushing forward for yourself and all of us. I will check out your book!!!!
  8. Yes I wrote FL and GA. I see my lawyer tomorrow so I have to see Wht he advises me to do.
  9. Thanks, I'm not sure what the time limitations are but this week I'm meeting with attorney to discuss everything. I suppose sometimes we just have to force change by continuing to do the right thing.
  10. Lol it's a comedy of errors! First you want to go and strangle someone and then you just have to laugh at the absurdity that you have to HIRE an outside Lawyer to help you get help from the people who are supposed to be helping you!!!! Ahhhhhhhh serenity now...insanity later lol... Well I'm very happy your mst went through finally and good luck with the remaining claims!
  11. Thank you. Yes I believe I did. I'm done racking my brain as what I can do to prove the truth. I know it is true and no one can tell me different. But it's time to let a professional help me, since as I'm sure you know it is emotionally taxing and I'm not giving anymore emotional space to the VA, I have a family who needs that space and time.
  12. They did not include everything I sent them in the evidence section either. Namely my progress reports each month....
  13. Yes they cited this paragraph. My buddy letters all included my severe changes ( I won't list them here but they are all documented from my VA treatments as well as private doctors including scarring my face) I have documentation in my progress reports of me taking several tdy learning courses out of state... The list goes on... I know what they are getting at though... My military record is not only spotless but exemplary, so for that they do not believe something could have happened to me and I was so "successful" but truth is I was 19 scared sh@!le ss put my head down and did my job as I only had one year left and no one was going to help me. After the rape I began reading about working out and went to the gym 3xs a day... While there I met and trained beside a colonel who became my friend, I found him online today and I am going to ask him to help me ..... I didn't tell him what happened while I was stationed there but he knows how much I was in the gym and my character so maybe he can at least vouch for me as to that aspect. He may also be able to find my out processing questionnaire where I documented what happened. I just suffered in silence as many assault survivors do. Not any more....
  14. Just got denial letter today. Reasons for Decision : service connection. " credible supporting evidence that the claimed service stressor actually occurred" Our department does not place into question your account of assault sustained while in military service. Your claim is being denied in the absence of evidence supporting a conclusion of assault as required by 38 CFR 3.304(f). The rule regarding reasonable doubt does not apply because the preponderance of evidence is unfavorable. Oh and on this letter they claim "I"requested to reopen case. I will have to dig deeper and try to collect more..... This has taken up too much of my life I'm over this ridiculous system
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