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  1. I'm in the process on filling for TDUI. I'm currently at 80% total 70% for PTSD, 10 for L knee, 10 for R knee and 10 for back. I was recently diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and was given a CPAP machine. King of Battle.
  2. SSG O

    Roll Call

  3. SSG O

    White Envelope

    Berta, my shrink and primary care doc know I have not worked since October of last year. Even the C&P doctor knew i was not working. If I do apply for TDIU what documentation do I need to submit to them to prove i'm not working? Working on SSDI.
  4. Burnt out to much info running to my head.

  5. SSG O

    White Envelope

    I received my envelope yesterday and the breakdown is: 70% for PTSD, 10% for Chondromalacia lateral tibial Plateau right knee (previously claimed as retropatellar pain syndrome 0%). 10% for Chondromalacia lateral tibial Plateau left knee (previously claimed as retropatellar pain syndrome 0%). 10% for Scoliosis, lumbar spine, with musculoskeletal pain (previously given 0%). Evaluation of Keloids, residuals of hematoma, right thigh 0% disabling, is continued. "during my C&P the doc told me it was not Keloids and to seek a derm appointment, well i did and hold and behold it's Keloid now i will be seeking a re-evaluation. received 1st payment today and was paid for 4 dependent instead of 5. not sure why as I updated info Thursday night and Ebenefits had updated amount. was given Voc Rehabilitation Benefits info. Can I apply for TDUI?
  6. SSG O

    Ebenefits September 2014 Pymt.

    Didn't get mine. Not sure if it's because I added my newborn son last night, who was born on July. I didn't want to add him to my claim and slow it down so I waited until my claim was approved. My AB8 was updated immediately and showed new amount which was super fast. Not sure if someone has to approve it before I can get paid.
  7. SSG O

    Back Pay

    rootbeer22, I filed for 4 contentions. I was originally denied the same contention in '06 but was 0% SC.
  8. SSG O

    Back Pay

    NavyWife, thank you for the info.
  9. Good Luck. I know that feeling.....
  10. SSG O

    Back Pay

    learned something new. Didn't know VA did not pay half month's. Love this site! Ok so i looked at DEER's and i found out they had my Ex-wife as my dependent i went straight over to the Marine post and updated my info and added my newborn on file. when do i update my dependency for Benefits???
  11. SSG O

    Back Pay

    So I check my account today and BAMM!!! my back pay was in my account. Which was great that I received it before getting my brown envelope. Only thing I was short changed. I submitted my claim on Dec 13 2013 but AB8 states Jan 1 2014 so they shorted me one month of back pay. Is this normal?? Also how long do I have to wait to file new claims? and will it take 8 months to complete as well?
  12. SSG O

    Claim Closed

    in the same boat as you bojack. Mine closed yesterday and i'm still waiting for my brown envelope. I noticed yesterday that the effective date of last change to my current award is Jan 01 2014, but i sybmitted my claim in Dec 13 2013.
  13. SSG O

    Claim Closed

    Thank you all. I will definitely will look into Social Security benefits.
  14. SSG O

    Claim Closed

    Thank you all for the excellent guidance and wisdom. Today history has been made, my claim finally closed after Eight months. I'm rated at 80% just waiting for my brown envelope to see what was awarded. Not sure what's next for me as i'm still unable to find/maintain employment without having a panic/depression cloud hanging over my head. Thank you GOD who has been my rock during my dark days and my wife for being my biggest supporter.
  15. SSG O

    Ebenefits- Claim Moving

    Let hope it positive and not negative, if so i have a DAV Rep standing by to go war for me.

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