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  1. babagwa

    August 2015 Roll Call

    here here, 107 in Tucson!!!
  2. babagwa

    Retired Pay Adjustment

    Good afternoon, there is a new claim in my Ebenefits that I did not initiate. Can someone tell me what this mean: 840F CRSC/CRDP AEW-AWARD APPROPRIATE-PAYMENT DUE. Thank you all!
  3. good day all, I received a bbe today enclosed is pertaining to my NOD. The VA wanted me to make a choice how I wanted to continue between DRO or a traditional Appeal. I have 60 days to let them know. Any advice you guys could give is much appreciated. Thank you. Babagwa in Angeles City.
  4. babagwa

    Admin Review

    Hi everyone, what does admin review means with prep for decision? I do not have any open claims. Thanks for any input.
  5. babagwa

    Pending Nod Appeal

    Hello all! I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Can I submit a new claim (Asthma, secondary to my 0% SC allergy rhinitis) diagnosed by a civilian allergist Dr. Authorized/approved by the VA because VA does not have an allergist while I Have a pending NOD appeal? Thank you!
  6. babagwa

    July 1, 2014 - Roll Call

    Here here
  7. babagwa

    Possible Retro Pay

    Navy wife The things i do not understand about this i have other military medical evidences 1996, 2001, 2005 multiple , 2006 and 2009 civilian. In jun 2010 VA did not bother to review those records except they focus on one medical military record dtd sep 2005 , the doctor stated my vertigo is stable at that moment and civilian medical record when I was already retired. In October 2013, i resubmitted my claim resent all medical records pertaining to my vertigo plus VA medical records. They still denied it because they referred back to their decision letter from my initial claim. I had another claim in jun 2010, no records, Zero evidences, the VA awarded me 10%!!!! I am not complaining but VA has no consistency. Anyway thanks for the advice about the nexus I will try to convince my PCP. Mabuhay!!!
  8. babagwa

    June 2014 Roll Call

    USAF 1986-2007 LogDogs 4A1 Whatever it takes! USAF 2001-2004 Go a Postal 8M Sembach, GE.
  9. babagwa

    Possible Retro Pay

    Broncovet sorry i thought it was who responded to my inquiry about my next move. Anyway this is my new battle with the VA. Thanks fellow Vets.
  10. babagwa

    My Next Move

    63 Sierra hello again. I accidentally put my response to you under success stories topic possible retro i posted. I thought it was broncovet who reply to the topic. Anyway please look at my post reply sorry.
  11. babagwa

    Possible Retro Pay

    Deecee yes I am retired af. Do I get the the difference from 40% to 60% deducted from my retirement from dec 2011? Thanks
  12. babagwa

    Possible Retro Pay

    broncovet here's the response I got in July 2011 when I first file for vertigo/dizziness in June 2010 but the VA calls it "benign paroxysmal positional vertigo BPPV: service connection may be granted for a disabiltity which began in military service or was caused by some event or experience in service. You have claimed service connection for vertigo. A review of your service treatment records shows your were treated in 2005 for vertigo and low blood pressure ( I don't recall going to the doctor for low blood pressure) which resolved. Your private treatment records show that you were treated in 2009 for complaints of vertigo when you get up in the morning. A VA examination was requested and conducted. (It never conducted). At the examination you reported feeling dizzy when you wake up in the morning.(this never happened). the examiner dx BPPV. after review of your service treatment records he opined that your current rare vertigo is not related to established in the military.(end) My questions is what about my military treatment records back in 1996, 2001, my Pre-doplyment assessment 2005, my Post-deployment in 2006, plus my 2013 VA medical treatment? Did the VA never bother considering those as military treatment record? //BREAK// here's the response I got in May 2014 when I filed the second time in Oct 2013: The evidence you submitted is not new material. Therefore, your claim is not reopened. it is not material because it does not relate to an unestablished fact necessary to subtstantiate the claim. and/or does not raise a reasonable possibility of substianting the claim. You were previously denied service connection in a rating decision dated July 29,2011. with notification sent to you July 30, 2011. Your claim was denied because no medical link between your current claimed condition and military service. Although you were seen for one episode of BPPV in service the VA examiner concluded your current complaints of dizziness were not related to the episode in service. In order to reopen your claim new evdince must be received which is material to the previous denial. You provided copies of your service treatments regarding your episode in service along with statements discussing your symptoms. The evidence is not material since it was already considered by the VA examiner in the previous decision. Your claim remains denied as there is no evidence linking your current complaints to military service. (end) broncovet I typed it letter for letter word for word from the decision letter, but this decision just go round and round. thanks. //break// thanks everyone who send their congratulations!!!!! and keep fighting and good luck!!
  13. babagwa

    Possible Retro Pay

    Hello everyone, new to Hadit am glad i found this site because it gave me a lot of ammo to fight my battle with the VA. Anyway I filed a FDC in oct 2013, may 2014 got the bbe from 40% to 60%. I was awarded 30% for anxiety. It says my 60% effective date was Dec 2011 because that's when I initially filed for anxiety. Do I get a retro pay with this increase?
  14. babagwa

    My Next Move

    Hello everyone I am new to this website am glad I found it ! VA denied my vertigo/dizziness in Dec 2011 because they said there was no military evidence link to my illness even though I sent them copies of my military medical records stating my vertigo/dizziness with multiple dates 1996, 2001, 2005, and 2006. One from my civilian doc in 2009 when I retired. In 2013, I started seeing the VA with my illness . October 2013 I filed again and received a denial again May 2014 and did not bother to reopen it because they refer back to the Dec 2011 denied decision. Is NOD will be my next appropriate move? Thank you all!
  15. babagwa

    Retroactive Back Pay.

    Archer first of all congrats!! I got the bbe last week inrcrease from 40% to 60%. It says 60% with an effective date of December 2011. My increase was 30% for anxiety. Do I get a retro pay? I am also a retired AF so they were taking the 40% from my retired pay. Do I get that back also?

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