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  1. For driving it depends on the day. Some days for example if I don't fall asleep until an hour before I need to get up to go to work I just call in because I am useless. Other days if I feel that I will be unsafe I have my wife drive me in. For a sleep study do I need do get that set up through my primary care doctor, or my psychiatrist? I am a part of FERS as far as contributions go. I have thought about TDIU, however having a family I can't quit and wait for however long it takes for the VA to make a decision. You have to be unemployed to apply for TDIU right?
  2. Thanks for the reply, I will talk to my primary care doctor about referral to a sleep specialist. So far they have just assumed that it is all related to mental health and have not done any sleep studies or anything.
  3. Hello everyone, I wasn't sure where to post this exactly so please let me know if I need to put it somewhere else. I am currently service connected at 70% combined with 50% for dysthymic disorder, GAD, and adjustment disorder. 30% IBS, and 10% tinnitus. My insomnia has been getting much worse where I am only sleeping 2-3 hours per night with medication. My VA phsciatrist has tried ambien, trazodone, silenor. All with little effect. The ambien used to work but I was taking it since 2007 and it started to loose its effectiveness. I am also taking wellbutrin, and some kind of anxiety medication that I can't remember the name of. For the anti depressants we have also tried several different types because of side effects and ineffectiveness. I have just started a new job at the VA and have used up all of my sick time and annual leave for doctors appointments and sleeping during the day since I fall asleep an hour before I need to get up to go to work. When I do go in I am so tired I can't focus on anything. Being that I am still in the probation period I am afraid they will let me go. I am also afraid to ask for an increase of my rating because I haven't been fired and knowing the VA they would probably end up lowering it just because they can. What should I do? I'm a nervous wreck, constantly exhausted. I can't focus at work, i'm missing work, my family life is a wreck because of the anxiety, and irritability. Any advise is appreciated.

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