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  1. I was asking more about will the send me to college for an aa, uti is a certificate program.
  2. will voc rehab send me to college to to be a automotive mechanic when the current average of people in that Field with an AA is 11%, i truly believe that number is going to go much higher do to improvements in technology and the growing trend of highly technical flex fuel, hybrids, and electrical vehicles coming into the market. so based on what I'm looking at should i be prepared for them to send me to on the job training. any ideas on how i should handle the situation?
  3. actually I applied for voc rehab and am hopping to go to college , my main goal is to get things under control and live at least some what productive life. as for the clothing ill try your laundry soap idea but im not sure if it'll help much types of soap have never really bothered me.
  4. In 2007 i was diagnosed with "major depression, recurrent" 70%. i never challenged the claim quit honestly i felt ashamed of it at the time. since that time i haven't been able to hold a steady job (not even more than 8 months) if i get to stressed i basically break down into a puddle of nothing or get violent and have almost no regard for consequences. iv also evolved other ailments over time such as loss of memory ,resent and long term as though events never happened (for instance my wife and i went to new your we have pictures of the statue of liberty and i know we saw it but i cant remember anything other than getting on the boat.) inability to remember addresses , numbers or directions or otherwise simple information. i also have developed an extreme touch sensitivity. my wife cant cuddle with me usually because the feel of skin is itchy and if she breaths in my direction in bed i cant sleep. I cant ware most shirts because they feel really uncomfortable, even jeans are hard to put on most days because of the stiffness. i also have become (maybe ocd) certain things bother me immensely if its done in ways that i disagree with. so finely in to my question, can i apply for these newly developed issues 7 years after my claim.
  5. I would like to use my voc rehab benefits to go to school for an AAS in automotive technology (mechanic). I understand that voc rehab likes to put you in a field where you already have a proven track record of knowledge and/or experience. The problem is that all of my work experience is in the culinary arts, but the stress of a kitchen environment is not compatible with my disability, so I cannot do that anymore. And I do not have any "official" experience in mechanic work. I have done a lot of work on my own vehicles and family vehicles (even an engine rebuild I did by myself). Will they be likely to approve my request to obtain this degree? Secondly, I am way behind on math and english, and will need remedial courses (mostly just refresher) to bring myself up to college standards. Since these courses will not be part of the actual curriculum for the degree, will voc rehab cover these courses, as well? Or should I find a way to do these courses on my own before I even approach voc rehab about pursuing the AAS that I want?
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