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  1. How does that effect hearing aids? I would hate to go there with hearing loss in both ears and only get approved for one hearing aid.
  2. Good news folks. I am now at 60%. However, my PTSD is still rated as "not combat related" and my Tinitus is only for one ear. Not sure the logic in that but I'm just glad I am not sitting at 10% anymore. I filed another claim for PTSD and the ringing in my left ear. It's not as bad as my right ear, but it's definitely there. Plus I now realize that I can't sleep without sleep aids and that has caused some major issues with work and school. Thank you all for the help and advice. I see now why people have said to leave Ebennies alone and wait for the envelope. That crap is stressful man. Good luck everyone.
  3. Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone. I see now that I made a huge mistake my first time around that i will not make again. You see, I sugar coated my problems. I was so worried about making myself seem worse than I actually am rather than being 100% honest. So I guess I screwed myself. I am making another claim. I would appeal, but since this one is still being processed I can't appeal it yet. Plus I am making more claims. For instance, I had no idea depression was claimable. So whenever this one gets rolling I am going to let it all out. Instead of telling them "how well I deal with my issues" I am just going to flat out tell them about the nightmares, anxiety, how I have no friends outside what I made in the Army, and how my family is even sick of how I choose to stay in my room 24/7 and not even communicate. I'll get a better rating. It's crazy to even think that my friend could get 100% for PTSD after seeing someone die and I can't a break, even though I was good friends with the person who died, was right their with him when it happened, and had to help collect/carry what was left of him to the body bag. Side note: I just realized that the only reason the VA exists is to help veterans. Yet I know for a fact that their main priority is to protect the government and save them money. It boggles my mind how much of a contradiction that is. Any tips moving on would be most appreciated. I don't want to go in there and make them think I am fine when I am anything but again.
  4. Okay. Thanks. I'm not gonna get too upset about this. My friend got nothing after his third time appealing. I'll use this money to buy beer every month.
  5. Hi. I'll try and keep this short. I was curious about my claim status so I called the VA the other day. I was told that my claim is in the final verification phase and I can expect a letter in roughly 30 days or so. So I am off today and I decide to take another crack at Ebenefits. Got access to my account and did what the VA rep suggested to upgrade. Worked great. I notice that I have two claims for the same date. One is closed, the other still open. I assume an error. My claim is still in the "Gathering evidence" phase. I notice the following. Decision Notification Sent Development Letter Sent Okay. Not sure what that means, but after some exploring I check out the Benefit Verification in documents. It states I am rated at 10%. My question is this. Is that accurate? It's better than nothing, but with the doctors reviewing me stating I suffer from Anxiety, depression, Poor memory/Other TBI symptoms,Migranes and Tinitus...I kind of expected more. Plus I just had a hearing test (the third one) last month and this letter seems like it was decided late last year. I dunno. Should I hope for more or should I just prepare for a permanent 10%?

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