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  1. r2rusmc

    Lets Throw This One Out For You

    Thanks for the replies. There is so much more to the situation. After I get the decision I'll explain more and there is sooooo much more....isn't there always? lol
  2. r2rusmc

    C&p Exam Today

    Papa I did check the benefit letter and didn't see any change. Now I didn't check the status this morning as I left first thing for VA appointments and was at the VA all freaking day and didn't get home until close of business hours. I hate to assume anything but in this case I'm assuming that the change was made around the end of business day and/or that the servers hadn't fully updated yet. I will check again in the morning as well as put a call in to the DAV. If in fact I did get an increase, won't that hold off until the first of the month??? Thanks for the input.
  3. I was a federal employee already at 30% when hired. Eight years later my employer reorganized my position which aggravated one of my service connected issues resulting in my personal physician putting restrictions on me that per did not interfere with my official position description but my supervisor stated that it prevented me from doing my job and used that to terminate my employment. My official termination states that my my restrictions prevented me from doing my job. My personal physician documents that I'm fully capable of performing all the duties of my official position description. I immediately filed for TDIU since I have restrictions because of my service connection disabilities and that is the solely listed reason my federal employer used to terminate me. I'm as of today listed as "pending notification" but am curious as to what others on this specific forum think will be the outcome. I have many other issues going on now to contribute so it is not just a one thing but as far as my employer is concerned it is. Appreciate any input. Thanks
  4. r2rusmc

    C&p Exam Today

    Today my status changed to "Preparing for Notification".
  5. r2rusmc

    C&p Exam Today

    I'm still waiting for the results but on the eBenefit site, but since last Friday, it does say it is pending decision. This past weekend while discussing this with a fellow Marine I was rereading the report from the Psych. While her wording on one particular incident really triggered me and pissed me off, overall her evaluation was favorable. Well not favorable that I'm a head case but favorable towards a reasonable rating So, I'm still hopeful for a favorable decision/rating. I had also applied for unemployability since I was terminated from my government job because of one of my service connected issues, one that they knew about when they hired me. Well the VA sent my employer a request for salary info and job description four separate times since November and my employer, the USDA failed to respond each time. (Gee could it be because they know they screwed up?) Anywho, the VA has changed the status of the most recent request to "No longer needed". Can I read into this to mean that with all my issues combined that I may very well be getting approved for unemployability OR that they anticipate my combined rating to reach 100%? Any thoughts?
  6. r2rusmc

    C&p Exam Today

    "Therefore it is more likely than not that vet's current PTSD and depressive sx are related to the horrific ongoing abuse of her marriage, and not to a one-time incident during the military."
  7. r2rusmc

    C&p Exam Today

    Well just got to see the "exam" results on myhealthvet. They are not denying my PTSD but are saying it is due to a lifetime and not specifically military service. Not cool. Back issues without a doubt related to military service. Neck issues, despite entries in my service record, more or less are an age related issue. Needless to say, I will be requesting re-evaluation. Just on the psych report alone there are some comments made that I know damned good and well I never stated as well as comments that were completely contradictory to what I know I've said. Not ripping on the Docs seen, viewing more as "poor note taking". It is what it is.
  8. So on Monday I got an appointment reminder call reminding me that I had four separate C&P appointments today. Four? Huh? I didn't know anything about them. Fast forward to this morning. My first three where all with the same Doc and were pertaining to my lower back and neck issues. Total time about with him about 90 minutes or so. Next appointment was with a psychologist regarding PTSD. Two hours later she says I definitely have PTSD and severe depression related to my service. Lets me know that the report will probably be written up over the next day or so. Here's hopes and prayers that it doesn't get lost on someones desk for a couple six months.
  9. r2rusmc


    Hi. Thanks for the input. I'm gonna have to put my keyboard away the next time I overindulge on the vino. Sorry about that. I've read several posts around here and did pick up some good info. A counselor/therapist would be awesome but with the way the job is forcing me to travel and the long hours involved the only time I can commit for appointments is not during normal business hours. frazzle, frazzle, frazzle. I'm gonna go read around here some more.

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