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  1. killemall, I agree with Carlie, get all the documents and buddy letters. Good luck. JB
  2. I am prescribed Top- for daily use towards TBI/Migraines/Headaches as well. Only side effect I have noticed is the taste. Wish I could get some of that weight loss side effect, pants fitting tight since retirement. I take one daily, and when the brain crushers start, like the movie scanners, I have Maxalt for them. -JB
  3. Vync, Thanks for the reply. I have all of my records (Med/Personnel/OMPF/etc) which I why I asked the group. Seems this is inaccurate info I was provided as I have plenty of entires that depict different dates of duty assignment than VADIR does, which I provided to support the cause. Just seems VADIR is another program/system that is not up to par, but noted as such that it is after millions of dollars were/are spent to implement and maintain. No worries, I have my masters and will continue to provide with my claims. Thanks for the reply, have a blessed 4th of July! -JB
  4. I'm so happy here I could just sh...... -JB
  5. Hello Everyone, As I visited the OEF/OIF clinic to register for the GWI & Burn Pit, my dates for my sandbox travels (and other deployments) are wrong. When I asked how I can correct these, the answer I received was "You can't, those are the dates supplied by the DoD". Well I know where I was & when I was there, and so do many other people, like my family & friends, uhhh... those I was there with. Also, I have entires in my records stating otherwise that document the different times those jackwagons tried to blow us up, the five-star living conditions we had and all the excellent exposure while we visited start to finish - all days BOG etc. etc. etc. Just doens't seem right. So is the answer I was given correct? Are the dates in VADIR unchangeable? -JB
  6. Hope is the metaphysical link between the heart and the brain. If you lose hope, the brain disconnects and we lose that "gut feeling" to fight, leading to a decrease in serotonin. This can lead down a road of depression and sleeplessness, with increased anxieties and paranoia. I note this not as a doctor, but as someone who lost that link, and ventured down that road experincing it first hand, and it was a very difficult time. The hope of others pulled me thru, and I am blessed to be here with continued hope of my own. "And I say this to you tonight, let us not forget. There is Hope!" (CM) -JB
  7. Excellent... Way to be persistent Willie! -JB
  8. I had my dr's/specilaist complete half/dozen DBQ's before I retired to help with the process. The forms where signed in '13 and I hopefully will have apt's assigned and completed before '14 is over. Is there an expiration on the dbq's, am I good or was it another wasted effort to assist the process? -JB
  9. Probing & oil drilling are one the same. Deliberate actions, exploring or searching unknown in a remote or unknown region. Hoping this will end with strking it rich in oil, but hey it's a federal probe so probably just a drone.
  10. Berta, yes they are listed along with several others. It was suggested to me to that those related to each other (i.e. Lumbar Fusion / Lumbar Radiculopathy) would be rated together but include each other conditions. If i am understanding this correctly I would receive one rating for my back & the bilats for the radi? -Discectomy/Laminectomy/Foraminotomy -Scaitica/Herniated Lumbar Disc/Radiculopathy -Cervicalgia/Intervertebral Disc Degeneration -Lumbar Spondylosis/Osteophytes/Nonallopathic Legions -Lumbar Fusion Not sure which would be more serious than the other. Would the fusion take precedence? Would the rad be rated separate for bilat? -JB
  11. Good Morning, Information was passed to me from a prior AD doc to use my DD2766 when processing claims. The dr noted that all the chronic illnesses are listed in chronological order, so it makes it very very (no duplicate wording here) easy for a dr/va rep/claim adjuster to search for what is being claimed. Has anyone else tried this process? -JB
  12. Berta & USMC_HVEQ, Thank you for the replies. To start/continue I do have my smr's. I have all copies of all them (inpatient & outpatinet), my mris/xrays/ct's, my labs & bloodwork, and my dental. I have them organized by year(s) in carry-along tote. I have also taken the time to scan every page to pdf and save on a port-hd, and all this I have on a master locked away (I know overkill). This is all now a result of my obesessive ways, which I never used to be. After completing tours to very crappy areas the one thing I really learned was trust nothing. It has carried over and forged its way into my dna. I have some of the most obscure obesessions to the way shoes have to go, how trash can be in the trash can and some other shit that people just look at you like wtf whenever I mention. Back to the topic at hand (another problem I have now is my attetnion span). I have taken advice from others and brought copies of past treatment to new dr appoitnments with hopes of sharing, and again all but one doctor has turned down my smr input. Berta; "My point is, in order to establish an inservice nexus (unless the disability is claimed as secondary to an already established SC, or is presumptive due to service, or within the Chronic Presumptive regulations), then it is in the claimant's best interests to get their inservice Med recs themselves (and personnel records too) because the VA sure isnt going to take the time to thoroughly review the SMRs most of the time". - All problems I am cliaming are documented, some more thoroughly than others, but they are there. As for the secondary claims, I was informed I have to wait until my initial claims are approved/denied until I can process a disability claim for secondary condition. USMC_HVEQ; "Now if you have had treatment or have diagnosis, then they want the current level of disability depending on the issue. If they have no timeline to look at then the battle becomes uphill but it isn't to be avoided. YOU, yourself need to put the work in. Leaving it up to an advocate is nice, but often comes up short as they are overloaded with many verterans". - I understand the current level diagnosis, which is why my wife & I were in awe that dr's choose not to review any history. I have had treatment, diagnosis' & I have lengthy timelines & I feel I am putting in the work getting all my smr's and all other associated med docs and take these docs with me to help assist the prcoess & treatment the best I can, but if dr's refuse any input what am I to do, get mad? Thank you again for the input, I look forward to continually buugging yall with questions throughtout. Maybe one day I will be in the position to advocate for others and work the process as it should. Have a blessed day, -JB
  13. Hello everyone, Since being seen at the VA I have had some changes in my treatment, and not real sure if it is better. Before I retired I was seeing pscyh/therapist two/three times monhtly. Also active in group session, and my regiment for medication was steady without changes or lapse rx scripts. Went through group reintegration training, anger management and spouse retreats to work on my marriage. My work schedule was flexible with mmy appointments as well, but now trying to do a 40 hour week, make apppointments, get work done, not get in an arguement or get reprimanded or lose my job is very challenging. Now (with the VA) I am seen once every 30/60 days, and many of my rx were changed. The dr's seem not at all interested (1 exception) about prior treatment. The rx's I was active on were working well, and I was not zombified. I could function easier without the zero-to-angry everyday. Seems I am digressing and the dr's are fine with this. Here, have some more mood candy. You just need to sleep, here are som ehorse tranquilizers. Here is something for your apetite, you can eat all day or eat nothing for a week. Take this for you migraines and dont worry about remembering anything. This one will really help suppress your thoughts, who are you again? Wtfunk... My wife got me a resuce dog almost two years ago, and I tell ya (besides staying with me) its the best thing shes ever done for me. Well, I lost my pup to heart worms this winter and when I mentioned this and all the pain and problems to my new supporting cast, it was addressed in a very condescending manner. I have only been seen few short months, and I am sure there is still a feeling out process and the dr's have several other patients to tend too which I get. I am just wondering why all the treatment I completed the last years (At least to me & the misses) is not being looked at or maintained, as I seemed to be coming along so to speak in some areas. I am really hoping this process is not the same several claims I have pending as there are many years of medical records for several other ailments. Not even sure what my question is... Seems I just put a bunch of bs out here. Alright here is a question - Do VA dr's have to read thru my smr or are they good with going their on way? -JB
  14. Hmmm... This looks like most of my smr vol1. Ahh the days of thats what I said, booby traps! I do not have the key code - If anyone else does, please pass it on. JB
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