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  1. So here is the skinny. REfilled a NOD for IBS with the Phx VA., 6 months later I get a letter where I get an increase on all my other claimed disabilities, which by the way I did not ask for, but no mention of the IBS for which I filled the NOD to start with. IBS is documented by the service and verified by VA doctor. (during Desert Storm they fed us veggies of the local economy without knowing that they fertilized it with human waste so the whole unit had the shits.......some of us never recovered!) Has this happened to anyone else? I mean it was black and white written what I wanted increased and that is exactly what they did not look at, ie I did not have appointment for, except for my normal stuff: back issues from being blown up in 2005 in Iraq, TBI and joint issues i guess 22 years as a paratrooper took its toll on my joints...........than they tacked on PTSD which I did not ask for (personally think it is bs, no different from what a firefighter and police officers see or deal with and they do not get PTSD).......anyway that is just me. any input welcome
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    hi retired from Army with 22 years. retired to AZ. love the heat after Iraq and Afghanistan.......just wanted to join to ask some questions about the NOD process.

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