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    This is the same process as in Florida. Florida must see a DD214 with "honorable discharge" they won't accept any other form of documentation. Unless the DD214 reflects "honorable discharge" they won't put the stamp on. They have even gone as far as to explain that a medical discharge isn't sufficient documentation unless the DD214 reflects the words "honorable discharge" I showed them 5 other pieces of documentation that reflected my discharge as honorable and I had my original preliminary DD214/15 and they brow beat me in front of the entire DMV and wouldn't listen. Finally when the hot head stopped drilling me about not knowing what I was talking about. I said, "Yeah, like I said, I have that too" handed him my DD214 and went about my business. It's a hassle! That's for sure!
  2. My claim went from Gathering of Evidence to Review of Evidence without a C&P exam after 13 months. Two days later, it went back to GOE and the VA scheduled the C&P exams. Two weeks later, they called to reschedule all of them. My next C&P exam is on June 7th. My claim is almost 17 months old.

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