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  1. Hey all, Thank you for your service. My name is james newman and I am creating a website called ourveteransstories.com and I need interviews done by veterans, with veterans.. The site, still under construction and launching july 4, has a few different purposes. I live in Stamford CT and was going to have it be a collection of interviews with veterans and service members in the local area as a way to share their experience with the civilian community. Then I realized I didn't need to limit it in that way, that I could open it up to anyone interested in sharing their experience. I want to basically have the site be a growing history archive of what the experience is like for people, before during and after service. One difference from this site is that the site will contain video content in a similar style to youtube, and audio and regular pictures are also great. It will be multi media, and very nice looking. I want friends and families and community to be able to contribute to the process as well, I want the site to spark conversations and lead to great connections. The site will allow for people to respond to posts, upload video and pictures as they so choose, and have forum discussions like here. Anyway, I hope to get 50 interviews for the site to go live by July 4. Please let me know if you are willing to share your experience. I have 20 interview questions that can be used as a framework, or the interviews can be modified as participants see fit, I think it would be cool if they have a uniform feel to them though. If you or anyone you know wants to be a part of this site and making it great please let me know! I am definitely looking for help and leadership. A bit about me. I work for an ad agency in stamford that works solely with non-profit and government agencies. I play hockey (go Rangers!), fly fish, bike, climb, drink a lot of beer, and just bought a 1968 scout international. I like yard work and fixing things. I am a totally normal guy, interested in the usual stuff, and think creating a site would be a really cool project that would let me meet some great people, and inform the community with stories and insight from a highly interesting segment of our society. One of the guys on my hockey team is a computer guy and is designing the site. Like I said, I need all the help anyone can give. Thanks a lot, Jim
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