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  1. Concur, Stretch. I was so taken back when I ran across and read this article. I think the only productive comment I can muster is.....seems like a knee jerk reaction, and hopefully our national vet reps raise the BS flag. I mean seriously, we deserve a little bit more credit than what the VA leadership is suggesting. SMH
  2. VA Moves to Prevent Veteran Violence Over Disability Claims To curtail confusion, the department wants to change when veterans can view the results of their disability exam online. BY JORDAIN CARNEY Follow on Twitter Information from the exam would be available online after a disability decision has been made.(Joe Raedle/Getty Images) October 21, 2014 Veterans Affairs officials want to change when veterans can view some of their medical records online, fearing that some could become violent if they see negative comments and think their disability claims will be denied. Veteran
  3. Thanks!! Jefferson............I feel so blessed that my conditions have not stopped me from keeping a job. Although, I will admit that it is a daily struggle and very stressful at times to balance things. With that said, everything I have read says no 100% if you have a job. Like I said though, I never thought I would get anything, let alone 80%, so I just wouldn't feel right asking for more at is point. Georgia.........Afterwards I too thought it was weird my VA Rep said 6 mo for a retro payment, but I was so shocked at what he had just told me that I just said "ok". Maybe he
  4. Hello Hadit Vets, I ran across your website by accident some months back, and have been reading these forums with interest. I think it has actually been therapeutic for me to read stories from my fellow warriors. I have always thought that even though I have "things that I deal with" on a daily basis, whether they be physical or mental, it's nothing compared to the sacrifices others have given to this great country, so who am I to complain? That thought process all changed in an instant this morning when my VA rep called an informed me that the VA was awarding me 80% disability. If
  5. Hello, I registered today, and can't for the life of me find how to attach my text document with my C&P Exam results. Can someone help me out here? Thanks!
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