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  1. Hi guys... Since this is my first post, a quick history: USA active duty 1999-2005 USA Reserves 2005-2007 OIF 1 Feb 2003- Feb 2004 In 2010 I originally enrolled in the VA healthcare system. During my initial psych eval, I was told by the doctor that I did not have PTSD but was mildly depressed from my recent divorce and was treated for that on an outpatient basis for about 6 months when I was released from care. Since she told me I didn't have PTSD, I never attempted to file a claim. My symptoms have worsened over the years and due to the urging of my friends, I finally filed a claim September 2013. Last month I had my C&P appointment for PTSD where she said not only did I have PTSD but she thinks I was misdiagnosed in 2010. My claim has since completed and I was rated at 50% for PTSD. The VA is giving me retroactive pay to September 2013. My question is this: Do y'all think I should appeal the date back to 2010 on the grounds that I was misdiagnosed in the first place? Do any of you think it'll be worthwhile or will it be a waste of time? Thank you all for your service and your time.
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