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  1. Sorry, the c&p was done 4/9/14
  2. My claim is still in Gathering Evidence due to then waiting on my service records. How long does this usually take? They requested them on 3/17/14 so it's been over 3 months just waiting on a response to get them, and is now saying past due. I separated in 2010. At what point do they follow up on that, or is there some sort of time frame they have? Sorry, just getting frustrated that them getting these records are the only thing holding up my claim since I had my c&p exams back on 4/09, and sent in all my medical records when filing.
  3. FireguySD

    Firefighter, Ptsd Proof Of Stressors

    Thanks, and I did send in my PTSD letters with descriptions, dates, and people involved in the specific incidents. It's going on 3 months now that they requested my records from the central records place, and I'm not sure how long that takes, but even then I don't think that all the emergencies that I've responded to will be in my personnel records. I don't even know if my old base will keep records of old emergencies for that long. How long does it usually take for them to get records back and maybe give me an update? I 800# makes it sound like they just have everyone's records in a giant pile somewhere that they have to sort through to find mine.
  4. I was a firefighter in the airforce, I separated in 2010. I filed a claim in December of 2013 for ptsd, along with other injuries that I had while in service. I gave all my medical files when I first filed. On 3/8/14 I was schedule for my c&p exams and it said they requested proof of in service stressors from where they keep everyone's records I guess. I had my c&p exams on 4/6/14, but it's still waiting for those records for proof of stressors, and now is saying past due. My question is since my stressors are from emergencies that I responded to while being a firefighter like responding to vehicle accidents treating the occupants adults and children, almost dying on a few fires, and working in the 911 center and hearing people call in panicking and freaking out, along with numerous medical emergencies I responded to. I don't know if specific emergencies or exactly what I did will be in my records call by call that they're requesting. I'm just curious how long these records take to receive and if they're going to see that I was a firefighter and know that I went on emergencies, or if they want specific records for every emergency that I claimed for.

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