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  1. Last night in the bathroom I saw blood on my arm... Two drops mixed with the water from my shower so it was slightly runny but still in an almost perfect circle. I quickly checked my nose knowing it was from there. No blood. I touched the spot again and it was gone. I spaced out the rest of the night. The VA has me diagnosed with GAD and they say I have ptsd but without the stressor they can't diagnose it. I can't remember much about certain things. Some things nothing at all until someone or something reminds me. I have nightmares where I'm in the situation then watching horrible things from the outside. I wake up with the taste, with the pain. Recently I developed seizures and they don't know why - their best guess is I got my bell rung or very sick. Sometimes I run, sometimes I cry. I run into things and can't keep balance or just lose space, time, and distance. Does anyone know how this feels? Have you seen it? Am I just losing it after all these years?

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