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  1. I don't recall exactly, but I think my claim was moved from Oakland to Phoenix a couple of months after I filed it. When I first saw "Phoenix" appearing on eBenefits, I was a bit confused. I initially thought it was because I first enrolled in the VAHS in Phoenix back in '08. However, I now think it happened simply as part of the process of reallocating the Oakland RO's workload. Thanks for the tip on TDIU; I have been reading up on the topic. I have a request in to add 10% to my current 10% DM II rating because I was prescribed oral diabetes medication last month. I should probably wait
  2. Claim filed (Oakland VARO): Aug 21, 2013 Decision (Phoenix VARO): Jun 10, 2014 Retro to Sep 01, 2013 deposited: Jun 13, 2014 BBE arrived: Jun 14, 2014 PTSD s/c: 70% DM type II s/c (Agent Orange presumptive): 10% Hearing loss (1 ear): denied Total rating: 70% After I had my 3 C&Ps @ McClellan, CA in March, 2014, the process seemed to gain momentum. My VAHC primary doctor prescribed oral medication for the DM type II condition in late May, 2014; therefore I have now filed for an additional 10% rating for DM type II. Should that be approved, my total rating will increase t
  3. Newbie here....just testing the posting feature.
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