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  1. 1. I had a formal hearing in Albuqurque in July 2007. As a rule how long does BVA take to make decisions. 2. The DAV rep I had should be fired. He treated me like a criminal at this hearing. I'll make waves about this after I hear from the BVA. Thank for reading A Real Live Chief Petty Officer
  2. I am a Real CHIEF PETTY OFFICER and just ask a simple question, and I am member #167. I don't post a whole lot because I type about 4, 2 letter words a minute due to extreme arthritis in both hands. Goodbye Gordon
  3. Been in Drydock for a while and just curious if anyone has an update on HR 303. Gordon ps: what's with the group thing? How do I change it to Chief Petty Officer ?
  4. I just need to know where to find a good lawyer. They've taken my pride and nearly my family I figure it's time to get legal representation. Don't say DAV there worthless in my opinion and congessional help sucked also. any good recommendations will be helpfull. Gordon
  5. This may be the wrong area to post this, but for the 3rd time my PTSD claim was denied. I even had a damn letter from an old shipmate as evidence. My question is how do I find a lawyer ( Cheap ) I'm realy get close to losn it. the bank wants my house, truck, everything i spent my life getting is goin down the tubes. Gordon
  6. I got em by the short hairs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 I found a mathematical error on my DD214's. I have 20 years 11 days Active duty. I already mailed the forms certified mail to get my record corrected. I even talked to the va guy his name by the was is JOEL in the Albuquerque regional office to inform them and this JACKASS wanted to argue with me about concurrent receipt, He said I couldn't do it. I said OK and hung up on the fool. Everyone should call this fool and remind him of the Law. Thank Everyone for your support. Now I have to wait to get my record corrected. Thank
  7. Mr Magoo You read it right !!!!!! I get my 60% VA money. They deduct that money from my Navy pension ! I fact I'm I'm losing $957 a month because I claimed a disability with the god damn VA. I'm pissed.....Realy realy pissed and I can't take it anymore. I wasted 19 years 11 months and 2 days defending our government to be treated like this. shit
  8. I just got a letter today and I'M SCREWED AGAIN !!!!! I have 19 years 11 months and 2 days active Service is what I was told. They forced me out on a medical disability !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna hurt somebody so bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ain't this country great to treat us this way . I feel like I've been kicked in the head. Adios All
  9. It's probably cua viet And Ive been searcing in both area's. I've found 1 person thats doing a buddy letter so far. The sailor I talked to when I called the ship was more impressed I was still alive but couln't realy help. I wish I knew more about the CORPs but I don't. I made a lot of Marine friends on the Ogden and Tuscaloosa, good memories. I think I will wait and see if the ships log comes in. Thanks Everyone Gordon Bennett Fair Winds and following Seas to All
  10. I've been Googleing it so much lately my eyes are going googley. I've followed everones advice and I just know that out there somewhere is a little known place that I can find proof the USS OGDEN LPD 5 was off the coast of Vung Tau from 16 to 24 December 1969. Maybe one of the Marines out there would have some info of where to look. Thanks Gordon
  11. I'm certain it was Vung Tau. I've been told to get a buddy letter from some of my old shipmates. Is this a standard form? Would a regular letter or email be good enough ? Thanks for the info about the Ship website Berta. I must have had a senior moment because I put my name on that list about 6 months ago. I'm sure glad you reminded me about that site. Thanks to all for any help Gordon
  12. I need to prove the duty the ship was on !! I have the proof I was there, they just need to know what we were doing, Gordon
  13. I was denied my PTSD Claim today because they said I couldnt provide proof that I was on the USS Ogden LPD-5 in November and December 1969. We were evacuating the 3rd marines out of either vung tau or quaviet ( My spelling sucks and also my memory ) we were designated as the morgue ship. If anyone has any ideas on how to get the ships logs I would appreciate it. I heard the National Archives would be a good start or the Navy archives. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Gordon
  14. I received my brown envelope today and at first I was too nervous to open it, but after an hour of pacing and looking at it I got the courage to open it. Herniated nucleus pulposis with radiculapathy/ 60% / effective date Jan 23, 2004. They still denied the PTSD but I'll make a post about that later. Now my concern is, will I loose money? The letter says I can't draw my Navy pension and the VA disability at the same time. What kind of Bull Sh*t is this. Am I being punished again or What ??????? I need some advice soon I'm not gonna go postal but I am in the mail room. Ba
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