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  1. no1texan here. In Mar 1963, having finished college and my draft classification changing from student deferred to active or 1A, I decided to get it over with and volunteer. So I did, raised my hand, got checked over a bit at the induction center/Houston, got on a bus late that night for Ft. Polk LA. Got into Polk early in the morning thinking they would let us go to bed, get up around 8, eat breakfast and then start the process. My first awakening. Many years after getting out of the Army, I was reading on the internet about Ft. Polk, that in 1962 was re-opened for AIT / Vietnam like surroundings. After basic, I was fortunate to be sent to Sandia Base, NM for special weapons MOS, then to Germany and got out in Feb 1965. Parts of being in the Army not to my liking but overall, I am glad I did it. I lost 4 high school mates who died in Vietnam. Sometimes I feel that I did not do my part or did not do enough that those guys gave their lives and I had good duty in New Mexico and Germany. VA claims - I filed a claim with the VA last August 2013 and last week got a notice for my first doctor appointment this morning. My claim is for hearing loss. I had the test done and was told the VA will make their decision in couple of weeks. I have heard and read that the VA will not provide any benefits unless the medical need is service related. I can understand this somewhat. I don't know if my hearing loss is related or not to my time in the Army. But my question is about a veteran who developes a medical need such as heart related problem, or gall bladder surgery or some other medical need that is not related to their time in service. Does the VA hospital turn these veterans away because it is not service related? Then I would think the VA should consider fitting a veteran with hearing aids if they are tested to be needed for improve life. Glad to have found the website.
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