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  1. I do meet them. I came across the requirements while trying to figure out how to apply. So basically I can just type my letter and upload my request via ebenifits since it's a letter I write then correct? Thank you for the quick reply. I mention the loans because I don't think the perm gets me too much more since I am already medically retired from the military as well so insurance's is covered. Although that alone would help my family 10fold.
  2. Hello, I'm ready to apply for permanent IU for my conditions. I was awarded a couple months ago with 100% IU, with an appointment in 5 years. I have huge (to me) school loans from trying to go to school to get a job and need the permanent tag to help out with these. So what forms do I need, the process, do/should I lawyer up on this part, basicly I don't have a clue as to where to go from this point and how to apply for permance. Thank you for everyone's time in reading my issues.
  3. Nyan Nyan

    80% Rating 100% Tdui Not Permanent - Help

    So am I on the right track and thinking that since my conditions in o6 have not settled, but worsened over the last 7 years that it meets the criteria set by the va and their 5y year ie my apt in June 2019. What is the reason to wait about 6 months before sending the application in?
  4. Nyan Nyan

    80% Rating 100% Tdui Not Permanent - Help

    Thank you very much for the reply. I didn't know I would need to actually apply for permanent. I have read that switching from scheduler to UI could result in a decrease. I had no idea asking for permanence could also....that's terrible. I'm nervous about that, it might be time to lawyer on on this phase? The biggest reason I am looking for permanent is the loan forgiveness, my kids school, and peace of mind. I'm fully retired from the military due to my conditions so I'm good on insurance. My digestive condition is severe irritable colon disease and ulcerative colitis @ 30%. So I feel your pain mate. I'd would think that you would have perm based on your short snippet into your life. I haven't gotten my brown envelope yet, so I don't know if they made any changes to that...I do know it's still 30%. So the perm part sounds like its hard to get? Less than 20 days passed from my UI exam to notification, which blows my mind. I have been trying to get this going since 2012 though. They retroactively gave me dec 2013 which is good, but not sure exactly how they got that date. I was thinking they would have put it to where I initially opened the case. Now on the permanence - I read that if your condition does not get better in 5 years than you can get perm. Like I said in my first post Chronic Major depressive disorder and anxiety has been on my records since 2002-6 while in service and when I got forced retired out it went to 30%. On December 2006. It is 50% now . My digestive problems was at 10% whenI got out and has increased to 30% now. Over 5 years has passed and there has been no showing that my condition will lessen. When can the va start counting the 5 years? The day I got diagnosed back in 06 or dec 2013 retro activate date?
  5. Hi so I just check ebenifits and saw my update. It says I'm You have one or more service-connected disabilities: Yes Your combined service-connected evaluation is: 80% The effective date of the last change to your current award was: December 01, 2013 You are being paid at the 100 percent rate because you are unemployable due to your service-connected disabilities: Yes You are not considered to be permanently disabled due to your service-connected disabilities at this time because your case is scheduled for review on: June 01, 2019 You are not considered to be permanently disabled due to your service-connected disabilities at this time because you are scheduled for a future reduction in rating on: June 01, 2019 My disability is 50% chronic major depression and anxiety and 30% digestive. Why in the world would they not make my tdui perm? I have been 30% for both since 2006. It's not going to be changing. How do I go about getting it perm? Is this a tough process?
  6. Nyan Nyan

    Va Scheduled A Iu That Wasn't Requested?

    Thank you for the help. I'm 34 years old. I did request the C&P for an increase on digestion a year ago. The VA scheduled me that one which was a normal exam for digestion. Then about a month later was the IU one for digestion and mental health. Those 2 were done by the VA on their own. They were specificly targeted towards unemployability. Mental health is at 30% Digestion 30% And a whole bunch of 10% I'm at 70%, but I don't have the 40% in one disability to even think of IU which is why I'm curious as to why I was assigned the IU exams. I'm wondering if I was increased to 40% on my digestion and they do it automatic once we have a 40% and hit the 70% overall? I have had my IU exams already and they seemed to go well...I'm just baffled about the VA taking the innitive to do this on their own, if this is normal sop, or if this is possibly really good news for me. I asked for the increase so I could apply for this to begin with.
  7. Hello, I have put into the VA for an increase in % for my digestive problems. It was at 30%. I went to the CP exam and didn't hear anything since around feb. I recently got a phone call telling me that I needed to schedule a IU for Mental health and the digestive problem. Is this normal for the VA to make exam appointments for UI even if not requested? I tried to see if I could find my C&P report notes on my healthy vets blue button, but there wasn't anything on it. I didn't even request an increase in my MH which is at 30% currently. I was under the impression the VA didn't do things unless prompted by the vet.

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