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  1. I recently received a letter in the mail awarding me with a 50% rating. The very next day, I received another letter saying the VA would recoup all of the award money to pay the $30,000 severance pay I received upon separation from the service. There seems to be no way around this. Now , this is my question. I received $30,000 and was taxed probably around $6000, so I only received $24,000. The VA wants $30,000 and my DAV rep says it is unchangeable due to the timeframe. Is there a way I can file with the IRS to have the $6000 returned to me?
  2. Hello, A few years ago, I filed for Va compensation for hearing loss. I was sent to a clinic for the hearing test. Later I received some paper in the (mail address to me), but upon reading them, they had another persons medical claims and info mixed with mine. I called the VA and they said to destroy it. Never the less, I seperated what I could, then looked up the guys address and I drove it to his house and put his info in his mailbox as no one was home. Anyway, I am now not sure if the VA didn't use his C&P hearing test results instead of mine. I would like to make sure I have my C&P hearing test results. How can I get a copy of my C&P hearing test results.
  3. Maybe someone can help me on this! According to the ebenefits website, my claim is in the evidence gathering stage. In June, I sent in the SSDI award letter. Last week, I decided to check on my case and called the VA. I talked with an anonymous rep about my case and the SSDI award, The VA rep stated that I need to send in a VA form 21-8940. In fact, the forms just arrived in the mail. This is the application for increased compensation based on unemployability. At the moment, I don't have the ratings to qualify. I am hoping to get an increased ratings this go around. Now the big questions! (1) Will sending in this form delay my claim as someone mentioned earlier? I don't want to shoot myself in the foot when the claim could be done in 6-8 months. (2) Will this establish an earlier date for the total disability if it is awarded in the future?
  4. Ok, I am going to mail the SSDI award letter to the VA via certified mail and with a return receipt. Just hope it doesn't come up missing once it gets there. Now, everyone is saying, "I don't need an VSO and I can do this myself" by reading this forum. I am all for saving the bucks, but one thing I have learned is the VA process is tricky enough as if designed for the un-informed to fail. I would probably sleep better knowing that a experienced lawyer who knows all the VA's tricks was handling my case and giving me good advice. So, I gotta ask!........Anyone know a good VA lawyer? Are the Repforvets any good? I met a guy at the VA who said they did a good job with his case.
  5. I thought the DAV was good because I was just pretty darn ignorant of the the VA claims process. I am still learning and becoming much better educated on the VA claims process. I think I need better counsel. I am almost ready to get a lawyer but they will probably just walk into a pile of money at this stage of the game. Now this is a newbi question! How can I find a good VSO in my area?
  6. OK, can I sent in the SSDI approval letter to support my claim using the ebenefit's website?
  7. First time poster here! I have a on going claim with the VA for a heart condition and IBS. Since the VA has taken such a long time, I applied for SSDI and was approved because of heart conditions and IBS. I asked my VSO at the DVA if I should sumit the positive SSDI report to the VA and was told "NO", do not as they are a different agency. It seems to me that if SSN granted me SSDI for the same disabilities, this info could or should have some bearing on my VA case....... especially since they are the same disabilities. I could summit the SSDI findings in the ebenefits website without going to the DVA. Should I summit it?
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