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  1. I am getting pissed, initial claim filed ten months before NOD Time since NOD filed. 3 years six months 28 days, 112,752,000 seconds 1,879,200 minutes, 31,320 hours 1305 days 186 weeks three days 357.53% of a common year (365 days) Who's counting, EBenefits says its in Prep for Decision YES I'M STILL ALIVE and waiting
  2. Root beer I don't wanna bring ya down. I have had a NOD in for 2 1/2 years with no contact from VA or DRO, I requested a DRO review. Just in the last two weeks I saw movement on claim. On Ebennies it went to PREP FOR DECISION. Man was I surprised, The original claim was filed mid 2013. Its a no brainer to me and everybody else because the physical disability is visual. It was my first claim to VA and the county VSO worded it and sent claim in for me. Ever since I have been sending my own claims in with my wording. I did the appeal with NOD and sent it in. Root beer I believe everybody's NOD is different. It would be hard for me to believe time frames would be the same for appeals requesting NOD. It disheartens me thinking about it. That's why I haven't been around here for a while. It does me good to back away and not dwell on appeal. The whole VA thing drains me dealing with Veterans Affairs. I saw where Trump signed a bill here a couple weeks ago to fix appeal process but that is suppose to take time to get going. I had Appeal with NOD requesting DRO informal meeting. I figured it would take 6-12 months. 2 1/2 years still waiting. I am not represented by anybody. Just me vs Veterans Affairs.
  3. This really sucks the life out of me

    Thanks guys for the response’s They tried to deliver medication for three days and I was not home, had me concerned I never had to sign. I guess now I do. They made a decision on my claim I was awarded 30 percent on my lower back, I never will understand the reasoning VA puts numbers on claims. I am not going to argue, not yet. Maybe later. I got bumped up to 70% from 60% and I still have an appeal from an old claim 4 years ago. The lower back is crazy when you file a claim. Until next time friends
  4. This really sucks the life out of me

    Why would Veterans Affairs send me a must sign for parcel?
  5. I filed my claim in September, Since Jan, on ebennies my claim has been to decision approval 2 times now its there for third time a and now in Decision Approval I get the same request I had back in February they want my doctor chiropractor treatment records which I called and asked for buy chiropractor treatment records don’t go back that far, but he gave me a billing record of the treatment I received. A dozen visits in a year and a half. My head is swimming In a puddle of mud dealing with VA Affairs, I called IRIS to ask how can I be in decision approval and asking for more evidence, IRIS said they made decisions and they deferred some. She asked if I had rep, or VSO I said no, with my PTSD I can’t trust nobody to give a POA. But one thing she was so nice to me, she must be a sweetie. I asked her if it was in my favor she said yes. I stopped there, almost felt like I ended the foreplay right when I got her hot. My bad. Here I sit with my mind in murky waters dealing with VA affairs. Theres been so much foreplay and me thinking it was about over and bamm they send me the sinker instead of the curve. IRIS said look be packet to describe all the deferrals and decisions. That should be fun reading. Somedays I feel like saying the hell with it. Not the just the VA but the whole damm world. But I keep on and on and on and on. I am really out gunned when dealing with the VA but I hang in there taking it. Bad day today just venting.
  6. On the original claim when I did C&P they did not do a ROM. I filed a NOD and on this C&P they did do a ROM. Does this mean they now recognize disability as service connected?
  7. I recently had a C&P on a condition that I have a NOD. My original claim requested service connection and they did no ROM back on original C&P. Would they send me to a C&P exam and take range of motion (ROM) measurements on a condition they intended not to service connect? This has been going on for over three years, I was granted 10 percent.
  8. I was denied compensation over 20 years ago. They based it off my failure to provide additional information. But I have evidence where I called and the VA and told them I did not have any additional information. They asked me to fill out a form for accidents. I was attacked/assaulted and I called the VA and said this. The entire report was in my c-file of the attack. I believe their is a huge difference between a car accident, and attempted murder. How would I QUE this. Also there is no decision of their denial in my c-file

    Very nice take good care of yourself
  10. What is PTSD like

    You all got me thinking when I headed off to the navy, they had us all stay at a hotel , EVERYBODY Army, Navy Marines, Air force nobody fessed up for coast guard. There was this really hot red head that I had known for couple years, she had joined the Marines.I remember how gung ho she was. We had a real good time
  11. What is PTSD like

    U tell em like it is
  12. What is PTSD like

    I feel I bleed I am the real deal. I was the cock of the walk but now I just fear the next bad thing that never happens. Paranoid is just a higher realization of reality. once in a blue moon I am what I was.
  13. PTSD Claim

    I agree with USMC I highlighted and drew lines and arrows. I made it as simple as I could, my award was returned and money in the bank in 75 days. I sent over thirty pages also. It reminded me of Alice's restaurant song.
  14. What is PTSD like

    I could write a book about this topic. The plain simple truth PTSD sucks the life out of me and anybody that tries to love me.
  15. Buck when I went to my c&p exam the doc stated to me. You know you can change doctors. He was telling me the one that I have is not helping me, I believe the doc worded.my documents to reduce the severty. I came out with a mental illnes, I am screwed as far as my compensation there is no amount in the world that I would take if I could be who I was before. IMO it is going to be the luck of the draw.