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  1. I have not worked since 2012. I have tried volunteering at a couple places, but my symptoms made even that too much. From missing days and being unreliable and feeling let I let everyone down. Or I have panic attacks or anger issues depending on the situation (I'm sure you guys know the symptoms) I do attend individual and group therapy on a weekly basis at the VA. I have missed appointments before due to my symptoms, but I always call. Thank you for everyone's input. VETQUEST I have been TDIU for 5 years now and I have not gotten the medical insurance for my children. Do I need to talk to my
  2. The decision letter came today. I have a couple questions. 1) Is there a standard timeframe for the second reevaluation such as 2-5yrs? 2) Beings I was not rated P&T do I not qualify for the benefits for my children such as medical insurance and college tuition etc? 3) Now that I have carried this rating for 5 or more years does it move to (semi-protected)? VAdecis1.pdf VAdecis2.pdf VAdecis3.pdf
  3. EBENEFITS says that nothing has changed when I go to VA LETTERS and look at the SUMMERY OF BENEFITS. Is there somewhere else on EBENEFITS that they should have updated?
  4. RFI status is closed as of 4/1/19. Packet should be here in 7-10 business days the status says. Is there any way to find out what they decided prior to the packet arriving?
  5. Mark D Worthen. I had a question concerning the new Ketamine drug Johnson and Johnson is coming out with. If you can find the time please email me @ Haasume@yahoo.com.  I don't know how to work private chat "if there even is one" .   Thank You.  J

  6. VA.gov says my claim went from Gathering info to Preparing for notification this morning. My claim went from a C&P exam last Monday to prep for notification the following Monday so exactly one week. They didn't review all of the evidence I submitted either. Kind of odd, but I will keep everyone posted in case someone else has a similar situation. Hopefully this will be of some help weather, bad or good.
  7. I dont know if it matters but I have a couple other things I sent in as evidence and for some reason the rater did not read any of them. Only he letter from my professor. I don't know if this is good or bad that they moved the date forward 2 months. I hope someone has something to tell me. Thank you again
  8. Thank you for your replies... I tried to go back to school by taking two college courses in the past 2 years and it didn't go well, I ask my professor to write a letter stating what she witnessed and what special accommodations she had to make in order for me to get a passing grade. I submitted that letter to VA. Gov as evidence for my "claim". Let's just say the accommodations were far beyond what a normal student would receive. VA.gov says the rater has viewed my letter from a college professor basically saying I had no chance of being successful in college due to my symptoms & I assume
  9. I should add that I DID NOT ask for an increase of any kind. I was just notified by phone one day that I needed to be at a C&P for these two issues.
  10. Buck52 I have been rated at 70% PTSD and a couple other physical injuries that equal another 10% by VA math for a total of 80%. I have carried these ratings for almost 5 yrs now. This C&P was for my reevaluation for my PTSD and MDD.
  11. 70% is what i am currently rated with TDIU. I was thinking 70% as well... I am not clear on the rules for TDIU when it pertains to a situation like this. Can the rater keep me at 70% and reduce my benefits by taking away TDIU? Even if the Dr said my condition has not improved since my last C&P? Thank you for your responses.
  12. I have been rated 80% with TDIU since 2013. I recently attended my 5 year re-evaluation for PTSD. My exam results showed up on Myhealthyvet today, but I shouldn't get a decision until June or July according to VA.gov. I just wanted to know what you guys thought my rating "MAY" be based on this C&P. Of course, my PTSD and MDD are firing at max speed right now worrying about it. My concern is the part where the Dr says "Moderately Severe" PTSD and depression. I have heard stories about the raters pulling small words like that out and using them for a reason to reduce benefits.
  13. I put this on the C&P forum because I have a 5 yr reevaluation for my TDIU for PTSD coming up in the next few months. But, here is the story. I was taken into the VA mental health program by a former employer and after a year and a half of therapy every week I was granted and increase from my 30% PTSD and 50% overall disability rating. I was awarded TDIU with a 70% PTSD rating. I continued my weekly group, bi weekly individual therapy and every 3 month psychiatrist visits for 3 yrs. I saw marginal success in my recovery and had come to the conclusion that it is what it is and I would prob
  14. Update- I cant thank you all enough for the help you have been to me and so many other veterans that are not experts regarding the claim for benefits process and the off the wall actions and messages the VA sometimes throws our way. This site has helped me more than anyone will know. That being said, I guess I got approved for IU yesterday 6/21/14 I have not received my BBE yet but my Ebenefits has my AB8 stating that I am now paid at 100% rate with my new payment amount W/dependents posted. So I guess sometimes it is a good thing when you are not scheduled for a C&P exam. One last quest
  15. Berta, I am in the process of filing for SSDI, I took way too long to decide to file for it I know. Thank you both for your input, it helps with the waiting game to have positive opinions.
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