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  1. Update- I cant thank you all enough for the help you have been to me and so many other veterans that are not experts regarding the claim for benefits process and the off the wall actions and messages the VA sometimes throws our way. This site has helped me more than anyone will know. That being said, I guess I got approved for IU yesterday 6/21/14 I have not received my BBE yet but my Ebenefits has my AB8 stating that I am now paid at 100% rate with my new payment amount W/dependents posted. So I guess sometimes it is a good thing when you are not scheduled for a C&P exam. One last question, where do I find a list or document stating what my "new privledges or benefits" are exactly now that I am IU? Once again thank you everyone for all of your support and info.
  2. Berta, I am in the process of filing for SSDI, I took way too long to decide to file for it I know. Thank you both for your input, it helps with the waiting game to have positive opinions.
  3. 8/1/2013 filed for an increase for PTSD on at 30% (overall SC 40%). 10/15/2013 C&P exam for increase - Examiner stated I was unable to be employed due to SC in his report and was very helpful to my case. 1/5/2014 approved increase for 70% PTSD with new diagnosis of MDD secondary (overall SC 80%). IU differed. 6/18/2014 ebenefits changed claim status from review of evidence to awaiting decision approval. Also a dependency claim from 3/13/2013 has changed to decision notification. MY question is, is it likely that them never giving me a C&P for IU is positive or negetive for my claim? Checked AB8 and nothing has changed so I don't believe they have updated anything yet because I dont believe my dependency claim would have been denied. Does anyone have any expericnce with a situation such as this? Does anyone have some insite or even a guess as to what my chances are of approval or denial? I know its case by case but I have never heard of them not scheduling a C&P to make a decision.

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