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  1. I am new to this forum but I am going through these issues with my back like you. If you have private insurance-go to neurosurgeon/neurologist and give them "all" your symptoms you are experiencing. They will be able to correlate what is going on with your symptoms to specific parts of your spine issues. If you have to go to the VA hopefully you have a doctor that cares and will refer you to specialist (as listed above). I like you have filed for pretty much the same as you. I have recently been going to the VA psychiatrist as the depression from the pain depending on your levels can be debilitating in itself. The psychiatrist told me I have been depressed for years dealing with the chronic pains. If you have private insurance don't wait on the VA to get around to you. Have your private doctor diagnose your issues (and more importantly treatment) and submit those records in support of your claim. I have learned so much lurking on this website and what other veterans have done...do your research!!!
  2. Hello everyone, This is my first post, I have lurked here and learned a great deal. My number one complaint right now would be falsifying information in my notes. I have had 2 visits to VA and reviewed my notes both times (yes same doctor) the information is flat out lies. I say I it hurts here/there, he listed no pain. Negative straight leg raise when I specifically stopped you about a quarter of the raise up and said it hurts and again when you bent the toes-yet again when you did the next leg/toe. One item ok-maybe a mistake but 4 things wrong lied about in one office visit!!! I filed a complaint with patient advocate and next chance I get into VA will file what is wrong with notes formally. I am changing doctors but that makes me even more nervous because I know it will be known that I reported falsification about the one doctor and the next on will know. So be it. The good part is I wrote down notes after each visit so I would not forget. I have read on other forums how much this is happening in notes/C&P exams etc... I have also taken the time to read the appeals and see how vital this information is in the decisions for us veterans-so it should be accurate. To me this is malicious with intent to harm my situation. This means more red tape and NOD's etc...further delaying other claims causing more backlog. If the information is accurate and reported truthfully the first time it would avoid all the additional cost to process it but more importantly provide justice initially for the veteran. Most veterans don't read their notes or may not have access to them to see just how many little lies are being planted in their files. It seems many on here do and other forums but I had not until recently. For the most part I had a private doctor and those notes were correct. Now in my situation I need to rely on the VA and it is opening my eyes to why I tried to avoid them for years when I had private insurance.

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