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  1. Deloveliest

    Third Try To Get Ptsd

    Hello All, well on 16th march I had my C&P appointment and today I checked ebenefits for any updates, according to ebenefits my rating is now 90%, up from 50%. I filed in july 2014 but my effective date is dec 2014. does anyone know why the effective date is not july?
  2. my comp and pen was tragic the people that evaluate you are horrible, I was seeing a doc in florida for three years then I moved here to Mississippi and I have seen two different ones and I'm not comfortable with either one so for the moment I'm on my own
  3. Deloveliest

    July 1, 2014 - Roll Call

    I'm here and glad for all of the suggestions
  4. Deloveliest

    Third Try To Get Ptsd

    we were all attached to that unit, I didn't know them. no I didn't put the multiple marriages, I guess I still can. I haven't sent my package in yet still working on buddy letters. thanks for the marriage suggestion. I was seeing a doc eight months ago when I lived in florida I saw a doc for 3 years his diagnosis was bipolar
  5. my veteran service officer said the same thing, I told him I got social security disability on my first try and I asked him if I should submit the findings with the PTSD papers and he said no. anyway today I went to the doctor that social security sent me to and asked her if she would write a NEXUS letter and she did so I'm submitting that
  6. Deloveliest

    Third Try To Get Ptsd

    just an update, I finally finished my stressor letter and I had to pay out of pocket to the doctor that did my exam for social security disability to write a NEXUS letter. my brother and sister will not write a letter for me or even sign a letter that I write. any suggestions for a buddy letter?
  7. Deloveliest

    Third Try To Get Ptsd

    the first time I went to an evaluation the lady I spoke with made me feel like crap. the second time I was scheduled I had a panic attack in the parking lot, my husband had to take off work and come and get me. I do ok chatting online but face to face with anyone is a bit difficult.
  8. Deloveliest

    June 2014 Roll Call

    Here, first Roll Call just signed up yesterday
  9. I was stationed in Germany and got attached to a unit that was going to desert storm, I'm a female. my rank was SGT/E-5, I didn't have a particular job assignment, I drove for a LT. for about a month then got sent on some of the dumbest details. yes I was an E-5 anyway after we landed we were in this hangar then we went to the field, the following day I was detailed out to go and police up the area where we left our vehicle stopped we got out and bodies were just everywhere. I don't remember anything after that until I wake up in my cot. I know we were not sent there to clean up that, it was just one of those things. no one talked about it and to my knowledge no one ever said anything to me about the situation, then again I was an attachment, I didn't know anyone in this unit, you know you speak to people but you are not one of them. when I get back to Germany shortly after my husband and I separate, I get stationed in texas and soon after I ETS. I started getting a check for a surgery I had while in service I didn't expect it, but was glad to have it. about 11 yrs later I began having issues with the surgery and I contacted VA about an increase, I was sent to comp&pen the man I had to speak with enlightened me about the medicines that I was being prescribed and advised me on things that I should put a claim in for and there starts my new war. presently I'm receiving social security disability and 50% combined service connected for various issues and not one of them are PTSD for which I keep getting rejected I'm on husband number three and he is a remarkable man for all that I have put him thru. here is where I am today I'm trying to get buddy letters from my family who doesn't speak to me I'm trying to write a stressor letter and I'm trying to get a doctor to write a NEXUS letter I did nine years eight months active duty then ten years five months TSA please someone give me instructions on what I should do this time around
  10. Deloveliest

    Issues After 15 Years?

    I am getting so much information from this site, my brain is throbbing.

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