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  1. Thanks Navy04, this is just a crazy crazy process! I thought everything was pretty cut and dry, and that my deal was pretty simple. Oh am I getting an education! I appreciate the info
  2. Hey y'all, new guy here. Was an infantryman. I was hoping someone could answer this one for me as I am pretty green. I filed an FDC about 6 months ago. I got a call from c and p folks in Columbia MO Va and they scheduled 2 exams for physical injuries suffered. There was no call for my PTSD contention. I have been diagnosed for PTSD from a VA psychiatrist already (with the diagnostic codes) and am seeing a VA psychologist as well and am on 3 different va meds for it. Will I still need a c and p exam or can they rate me with this info? Also is Behavioral Health seperate in the hospital and should I expect a call later? I appreciate any help I can get on this! Thanks, Kevin

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