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  1. Hello, Sorry for delay, checked both methods and I see no notes. Hopefully when I go on Thursday the notes will be there. My Neurologist suggested that I make an appt wading my health insurance to visit a headache clinic. Which I don't mind doing, just finding someone that takes my insurance(work for Federal Government. Do you think it will count against me that the last appt she sees is January. Yet I have called my Neurologist bi-weekly and some time several times a week. He has even told me to come in and they check me in at the clinic. Yet there are no notes of these visits I was crying during C&P since it so frustrating,being sick all the time and taking medication dailly. Now I will being mental health for insomnia, they said to go in how you look. I have very bad bags but I cover it up with make-up. I interview the public, so I will work half the day before C&P. Will they let my outward appearance seem as if I am fine and dandy.
  2. Hello, I went to C&P at my Va hospital to ask about submitting info. She said that my neurologist should have been notating in his computer that I called him and what was said. I have been calling him weekly, yet C&P Neurologist said my last visit was January. When I call him I do not have an appt, he tells me to come and they check me in at the desk. I have migraines daily, since I have insomnia I do not sleep well anyway. I get up before work and take medication and wait for it to work and then go to work. If the medicine does not work and I still feel like my head is going to explode I take off.. I tried to explain to her that I am out at leat twice a month from work. That I literally go to work and come home and get in the bed. My weekend are spent in bed. My life is NOT the same. I went to my pain mgmt doctor to see about him doing shots, he does not do it. My Neurolgisy told me to go to a headache clinic and see about Botox outside with my job insurance. Where do you see the dictor's C&P notes. Where exactly on my blue button. Thanks in advance
  3. Hello, I am rated at 30% for migraines. I had my C&P exam in the 17th the Neurologist asked how frequently I get migraines. She kept using headaches. I told her daily and that I have to take off work when it is bad. She gave me a calendar and told me to tell her the days I was out sick. That morning I had a migraine and my thinking was not good. I was not feeling well and was crying. Anyway, she mentioned last time I seen Neurologist was January, I told her I speak to my Neurologist weekly. That of I am not well, he tells me to come straight in. So it is not a scheduled appt. he tells them at front desk to check me in. My sick leaves shows out sick once a month and then last years 2x a month. Should I print it out and submit it. I checked my Blue Button and didn't see anything.. I have Psyc on July 3, could I request the notes and patient information? I tried to explain to her how I felt with a migraine. I don't know if she understands waking up with a migraine and unless I take medication I can't function. Thanks in advance
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