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  1. I have updated the profile. As far as IU you mean individual unemployable right? If so, I don't recall seeing anything of the sort. My rating is comprised of 14 combined ratings currently. I think I now understand why I have been denied on the other items and I will be addressing it with the VA. I don't know if I should fight the iPEB results or just accept the DoD rating at 40%... this pressure (what is best to do) and my anxiety don't play well together...
  2. I am still trying to figure out the VA and claims process but I've been "in the system" since 2012. I am currently 90% s/c but the VA has denied a lot of my claims without much information. My initial claim was for many items that I was not diagnosed with at that time. So my claim was decided and some items were denied. However, I was in in treatment and did later get diagnosed with what I had claimed. As time goes on, I get smarter. But, the VA seems to go the other direction in my opinion. If there is any kind of proximate cause and presumption of soundness then I am confused as to how these can not be s/c at this point? I ask as I just have gone through an IDES PEB and my items were all sent through on another claim but still denied (mostly) by the VA for s/c. Don't they have to actually look at the claimed items and see if there is new evidence? My DAV rep said they already have access to my VA health records so I don't need to resubmit them. Well, my new evidence (diagnosis) is in my VA health records since I am treated at the VA.

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