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  1. Thanks for the info/perspective Navy04 and NavyWife. Guess I will hold off for now and see if my conditions improve or worsen in the next few years. Keeping my fingers crossed on the SSDI...managed to get through the lengthy paper trail and now waiting for a decision. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my inquiry.
  2. Smc-S guidance is confusing...Does anyone have any advice or feedback to my previous inquiry? Thank you!
  3. Greetings fellow veterans, This is my first posting so hopefully I have not violated any rules on how to ask a question...if I did, I apologize in advance. Here is my current situation. Retired from the Air Force last Sept and just received a 100% rating for the conditions below. My VSO wants to pursue smc-s but after reading various postings, I am very confused on if I even qualify. I would greatly appreciate any comments/advice any of you have on this matter: Ptsd--70% Migraines--50% Sleep Apnea--50% Ibs--30% Ivds--10% Radiculopathy--10% Sciatica--10% Tinnitus--10% Arthritis--10% All conditions were rated P&T except for the Ptsd which I am scheduled for a re-exam in 5 years. My overall 100% rating is not considered P&T status due to the Ptsd rating (future re-exam). My VSO believes I should have been rated IU for Ptsd and would have then qualified for smc-s due to the other conditions but I was rated schedular instead and the award letter does not mention smc-s. Since receiving the 100% schedular rating my treating psychiatrist has written me a letter saying "in his medical opinion my service connected ptsd is more likely than not static and prevents me from gaining/sustaining substantial employment." Do I have a legitimate case to pursue smc-s, and if so, how should I proceed? Thanks again for sharing your expertise! P.s.--I have also applied for SSDI but have not received a decision yet.

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