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  1. Thank you, Carlie.. Lol, I know I was all over the place, so I'll try it this way, I'm more concerned about the provisional rating for my PF (Plantar Fascitis) that I filed an increase for on January 10, 2014... The initial date for that claim is July 22, 2013.. Would I be eligible for retro pay if I am awarded an increase?
  2. Hello all, I don't know of I am in the right forum, because this is my first time posting.. I've been following many threads on here and have gotten so much helpful information.. I actually have two questions: the first is what is the turn around time from this phase to complete for Atlants VARO? I've only been in this phase two days, but my claim is in for an increase for PF (currently at zero) and I requested this on 1-10-14.. Second question, in the midst of all of this I also have a provisional rating for the PF and the increase is basically adding new and material evidence.. I also added other contentions on top of this: Tarsal Tunnel, Achilles Tendonitis, Posterior Tibial Tendonitis and tarsal fractures in the ankles.. All discovered after the fact (yes, I've been walking around for 8 years in pain) now to my question, aside from the latter contentions, will I be able to get retro prior to my increase for PF? Oh, my first claim was started on July 22, 2012 and became provisional October 30, 2013.. Sorry if I am all over the place, it's so much to ask in such s short time! Thank in advance for any answers, given?
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