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  1. john999, If my anxiety appeal case increase to 70%, my IU should retro 2 years back even though I just put in the IU claim a few months or the day of the IU claim open. I requested the QTC report a month after the exam in writting, VA open a claim for that request. VA said that system did not show the CP exam; so I requested again by making a copy of the QTC appt, travel check to prove that I did went to the appt. But again, I dont know why VA dont have it in the system. At this moment I'm waiting on the SOC of the appeal to see result, and VA reps said " Appeal and IU claim cases were completed on the same day" ,this is making me worry on the IU. Thanks for the reponse.
  2. Hello all, This is my first post in the forum. I got out the service in 2006. I put in the anxiety claims in 2012; first the claim was denied and I appealed finally got 50%. After 50%, I disagreed so I appealed again for anxiety disorder in the past 2 years after VA granted with 50% in 2012. After 2 years waiting, I finally got the Cp exam a month ago for the appeal in 2012 . In 2014, I put in an claim for Iu and I know my criteria does not fit for Iu (50%); but Vocational rehab at VA stated the I'm currently not stable for school that why I put in the IU claim. I only have one job lasted for 6 months since 2006. I have a couple questions regarding the two claim indicated above. I went to the QTC exam last month, the Doctor agreed that my disability should be at 70% and she specifically told me to put in the IU claim after the increase. But I did put it in already so should this be a problem. Once again, the doctor told me straight up to file for IU. 1. My question is if I'm going to get 70% then retro should be back since day one when the 50% was granted? 2. If IU claim is approved then when is the pay started, 2012 or 2014? 3. Ebenefit for Appeal claim in the past 2 years show no status or changing at all ; but last week it showed that "Statement of the case" sent, is that closed? 4. Ebenefit for IU claim show last week the status was changing back and forth between "preparation for notification" and now back to "pending decision approval" why is this happening? 5. I've called VA in the couple times last week, reps always tell me different answers. First is my appeal is done, and my Iu is pending, but now they said that both cases are done SOC sent the same time. Why the answer different? 6. If the cases done then why the generator is still showing the same status even though the SOC sent last week? 7. If my IU is denied, should I put in and appeal or reconsideration? Should I go back to the QTC doctor and ask for a statement to support the IU if it deny. Thank you in advance for all the help.
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