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  1. I see a lot of topics where folks ask about IMO/IME's and how expensive they are. This show is a must listen because you will learn something about the IMO/IME process. Bethanie is the owner of Valor 4 Vet and they have assembled quite the team of Doctors, PA's and Nurse Practitioners. The call in number is (515) 605-9764 .
  2. Buck the number is correct. Ray is not an agent. He is an American Legion post commander who also helps with veterans claims. He is the second person to win his AO claim based solely on exposure in the US. We are bringing a lot of new faces to the show starting with Carmella N George as part of our new meet the agents series. We have several lined up so stay tuned. We also will have a lot more listeners and callers as we have really branched out.
  3. That makes 3 of us. The recently passed bill Hr 7105 raises the Amount of Supplemental life insurance to 40K in Jan 2023.
  4. No one and I mean no one should relax until you see the words, Static, Permanent and Total. This may be a good show topic to be explained in detail.
  5. I just got rated for the same thing, same percentage. It is all considered as one Segement. If you have surgery, ask for temp 100 percent if you are not already 100 percent.
  6. The only thing she needs from the school is proof she attended and her status as full time back to 2017 the effective date of the award. Ask the RO to retro the chapter 35 benefit back to the earliest date on your award letter. Chapter 35 pays the student directly and not the school. As far as ChampVA you have 18 months to submit bills or recipts for each eligible dependent back to the effective date of the P and T award. Also keep in mind Champ VA is slower than a turtle on a treadmill when it comes to these claims and can take several months.
  7. https://www.benefits.va.gov/BENEFITS/factsheets/serviceconnected/smc.pdf
  8. Once a veteran gains Housebound status either by actually being housebound or by Statutory Housebound with the total plus 60 rating, gaining Aid and Attendance is a big step. You have to require the need for Aid and Attendance. That actually means you have to have someone assist you with the Activities of daily living. Dressing, Eating, Bathing or to protect you from yourself or dangers in the home. That would be at the SMC L or L 1/2 rate. Once you attain that rate the door to the higher levels of SMC are opened. Asknod has a very well defined SMC explanation on his site that humorously
  9. The VA did not ban them they just simply took them off line. The excuse was vets were getting High powered IMO's from hired guns and cleaning their clocks at the higher levels. Do not worry, they will be back soon as the House veterans committee has already addressed the situation. In the mean time here is a link to the For the forms via NVLSP. https://www.nvlsp.org/news-and-events/press-releases/nvlsp-offers-va-disability-benefits-questionnaires
  10. This was the subject of a radio show a couple of weeks ago. IVDS is a rating they seem to be getting away from as Bed Rest is out dated. For Traumatic Arthritis the range of motion is measured and you are rated accordingly. If you have spine related issues then these are to be rated separately. At this time the VA is tinkering with the spine ratings Take C5 for example. You had an injury to C5. You have fusion. That is based on ROM. You have nerve issues in the arm. Those issues may be rated separately based on the results of Nerve Conduction tests. There are a lot of s
  11. The max rotator cuff for major is like 30 percent. The VA connected my left Minor at 20 percent just a month or so ago. Read the regs and range of motion carefully.
  12. Listen to Thursdays podcast and I will introduce you to one. Tom Kiely out of DC.
  13. Keep the faith. It will work out. We will keep you in our prayers.
  14. A lot of changes in this. It will be a good show topic once the crew gets their hands on it and breaks it down.
  15. You really need to reference CAVC cases over the BVA. The Veterans court opinions have a lot more weight. Both are helpful. Here is the link: http://search.uscourts.cavc.gov/
  16. Berta, I think I have an avenue to actually see the M21 and see if a Biopsy is required by law. I have read it and it does not say Biopsy, Just medical opinion to substantiate the claim. I will run this by my team to get more definate answers.
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