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  1. Super Congrats. I know the feeling when that one hits. Like a concrete truck is lifted off of you.
  2. It is going to be a real good show. To call in and speak to Basser, Jerrel and Tbird dial 515 605 9764.
  3. https://www.gov/health-care/family-caregiver-benefits/champva/ The forms to apply are on line. You have 180 days from receipt of the decision, to submit any and all claims your dependants medical care. It goes back to the effective date. As far as CHapter 35, as long as the student is under the age of 23 and is enrolled and has selected a Major, Champ VA will cover them. Call them and ask direct questions. Here is a Podcast with ChampVA that may help: https://hadit.com/hadit-podcast-replay-with-glen-johnson/
  4. Here is some additional information regarding the VA's removal of the DBQ's Expect them back fairly soon. https://barr.house.gov/2020/4/rep-barr-introduces-veterans-benefits-fairness-and-transparency-act This issue has crossed our path several times on the Radio Shows. The issue was sent to Congressman Barr and he acted.
  5. Having been a member of Hadit since the forum was in Linear format, Tbird has been there. In her 23 plus years she grew this site from a few members to a steady stream of well over 20000. How did she build this site and what was her inspiration? Sit back and pull up an electronic device and listen to how our very own Tbird got her start. To call in and speak to Basser, Jerrel or Tbird dial: 515 605 9764 https://www.blogtalkradio.com/jbasser/2020/09/03/our-guest-haditcoms-tbird-tells-us-how-she-started-haditcom
  6. We are excited to being John Dorle Back to the show. John will give us an update on his experiences with the AMA. John is one of the top Claims agents. His expertise and work ethic are what it takes to get the job over the finish line. Join us: To call into the show dial: 515 605 9764 To listen: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/jbasser/2020/08/27/john-dorle-will-be-our-guest-speaker-on-the-exposedvethaditcom-veteran-podcast
  7. DIagnostic code 5241 or Cervical Fusion will be based on Range of Motion. Any neuro deficits should be rated separately. It really depends on the examiner and the opinion that is asked by the RO? I do not think you will have a major issue but keep in mind a good IMO doc kept on standby could not hurt. It is a wonder every joint in your body has not been shook apart riding in those cement mixers.
  8. Berta These claims may have been developed for denial which sadly the VA often does. The Presumptive in this case should make this a open and shut award. This would also make a good Podcast. We could get a guest to tackle it. I am thinking of Thomas Kiley out of DC. If you think it is worthy of a show let me know. Basser
  9. This show is one for the books. We strive to bring the listeners useful information that effects Veterans in the Claims areas as well as benefits. If we cannot answer the question we will find someone who can. If you didn't get a chance to listen to this one, Listen on the archives. I guarantee you will learn something. Basser
  10. The VA has implemented some changes to the ILP program. It is enhanced and adds some of the Adaptive housing benefits to veterans who are determined not to be able to work. https://www.va.gov/careers-employment/vocational-rehabilitation/programs/independent-living/ https://www.blogtalkradio.com/jbasser/2020/08/06/the-vas-newly-revamped-independent-living-program
  11. Has anyone received a letter from the VA for a former reimbursement claim for emergency medical care? In Wolf v Wilkie the VA got its head handed to them and they have to pay the co pays for Private insurance including Medicare. This is a great read. https://www.nvlsp.org/what-we-do/class-actions/wolfe-v.-wilkie/
  12. The Podcast is back. We have teamed up with Hadit.com. This weeks guest is Dr Bash and Bill Creager. To listen follow this link: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/jbasser/2020/08/20/exposed-vet-haditcom-podcast-featuring-dr-bash-and-bill-creager To call in and speak to Dr Bash dial: (515) 605-9764
  13. Easy fix is to request your Congressman or Senator to intervene and get it for you.
  14. The court is clear. Attorneys can double charge vet and court. What a freaking joke.
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