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  1. This was the subject of a radio show a couple of weeks ago. IVDS is a rating they seem to be getting away from as Bed Rest is out dated. For Traumatic Arthritis the range of motion is measured and you are rated accordingly. If you have spine related issues then these are to be rated separately. At this time the VA is tinkering with the spine ratings Take C5 for example. You had an injury to C5. You have fusion. That is based on ROM. You have nerve issues in the arm. Those issues may be rated separately based on the results of Nerve Conduction tests. There are a lot of s
  2. The max rotator cuff for major is like 30 percent. The VA connected my left Minor at 20 percent just a month or so ago. Read the regs and range of motion carefully.
  3. Listen to Thursdays podcast and I will introduce you to one. Tom Kiely out of DC.
  4. Keep the faith. It will work out. We will keep you in our prayers.
  5. A lot of changes in this. It will be a good show topic once the crew gets their hands on it and breaks it down.
  6. You really need to reference CAVC cases over the BVA. The Veterans court opinions have a lot more weight. Both are helpful. Here is the link: http://search.uscourts.cavc.gov/
  7. Berta, I think I have an avenue to actually see the M21 and see if a Biopsy is required by law. I have read it and it does not say Biopsy, Just medical opinion to substantiate the claim. I will run this by my team to get more definate answers.
  8. For the purpose of Asbestos, here is the Navy's Asbestos Pies list. It requires MS excel or excel reader to open. asbestospieslist.xlsx
  9. The actual wording in the statute does not mention 100 percent. It states Total plus 60. Statutory housebound is solely based upon a total rating as in TDUI (The first word is total) plus 60 meaning according to VA math a veteran has a single 60 or combination adding up to 60 using the world famous VA math. With this statute you do not have to be physically housebound. You do not have to be confined to your home. In the event you are confined one would likely qualify for a higher rating requiring the aid and attendance of another person or SMC L. This lies in the fact that SMC L opens do
  10. That is Terrible Theresa. This is not a Joke. You must be diligent in protecting yourself. Whatever it takes. We are thinking about you.
  11. I am understanding that the Military did not tell this vet he had a MH disorder. The VA referred to the MH disorder in the SOC. Responsibility lies upon the DOD. What year did you file the claim?
  12. Get rid of the VSO and get a certified claims agent. Been there done that. Why does any vet take the beating when dealing with these nice but over worked folks. There are some excellent agents out there. Access to VBMS is very important, It keeps vets from filing the claim on Monday and setting up Guard duty on the mailbox starting on Tuesday. I use John Dorle. Benefitsagent@comcast.net. It does not matter where you are located. VA is now Nation wide.
  13. What ships were you on? When were you on them? You may have to have a Biopsy. But first ask why you did not get a High Resolution Cat Scan. or HRCT. It may also boil down to the exact type of Asbestos used onboard your ships. You may want to dig up your Navy Performance Evaluations and look on the back page of each one of them.
  14. Broncovet is on point. SMC S has 2 doors. One door is the need for actual housebound because of Service Connected disabilities. Door number 2 is to be rated Total either 100 percent P and T or IU and have an additional disability of 60 percent. To be eligible for the higher level of SMC's one must be awarded aid and attendance. If you do not have that, you can be 1000 percent and still get paid at the S level.
  15. It would be wise to file for an increase instead of a new condition. If you file for a new condition the VA will make the day you filed for the new condition. If you file for an increase then the effective date will be the date the condition arose if filed within a year of the actual proof of disability. This was cleared up during last nights radio show. I strongly advise any veteran who has a claimed spinal condition to listen to Dr. Bash's and Bill Creager's explanation of the spine. https://www.blogtalkradio.com/jbasser/2020/11/26/dr-bash-joins-the-show-to-break-down-a-d
  16. Happy Thanksgiving to all. The year 2020 has been difficult in many ways but as veterans we have witnessed adversity before .We conquered that adversity. Tbird did not have to start Hadit.com. She did. So lets all be thankful to the VA for putting an idea into her mind and fostering a movement that over the years has helped thousands upon thousands of veterans navigate the VA claims process. She has opened so many doors for veterans over the years. She has surrounded herself with amazing people to assist in the guidance and moderation of Hadit.com. We all should be thankful for this webs
  17. Go back on e benefits. Look at other disabilities and click on the ones that are available. It should explain your SMC and other benefits.
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