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  1. Good afternoon and hope is all well for you great folks on Hadit. I have been gone for a while due to ongoing health issues, and moving. Just received my first SSDI Review packet, so I am working on that now. It never ends for the Govt to continue harassing us. I am yet only 35, and did not ask to be sick or hurt. Hope you all have a great 4th and God Bless!!!

    1. jbasser


      Send in a copy of your 100 percent award letter to them.

      That should get them off your back.



  2. These questions should be asked in the main Claims forum.

    1. jbasser


      Berta, he hasnt been banned. Shoot me his emaol address and I will walk him through the process. It could be a password issue.

    2. (See 5 other replies to this status update)

  3. if my fvc is 40 and fev 1 38.3 taking several meds for asthma should i at least be rated at 60%

    1. jbasser


      Tyson, you should be 60 percent. You are really bordering on the 100 percent criteria. You are just 1 percent away from it.

      Ask for an increase immediatly


  4. is getting getting ready for 6 appointments this week. Long week indeed.

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