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  1. "Or the vet could have been a democrat! Being dead doesnt stop them from voting, why should it stop them from VA benefits." J/K Posting of political or bashing is not condoned here at Hadit. JBASSER
  2. Remember that the VA Secretary is a political appointee. The Next person will also have a short tenure. I think Ollie or Norman would be a great choice. Personally I would like to nominate Berta. Anyway the new person needs to be an expert in Damage Control for that seems to be the Job Description.
  3. "The medical evidence shows that you have CFS, CTS, asthma, joint pain, memory loss, and visual loss. The reports did not show any other conditions of a nature that would prevent you from working. We realize that at present you are unable to perform certain kinds of work. But based on your age of 39 years, education of 13 years, and your experience, you can perform light work (for example, you could lift a maximum of 20 lbs., with frequent lifting or carring of objects weighing up to 10 lbs, or walk or stand for much of the working day), a job which your difficulty seeing certian things would
  4. Those statements are called lay statements and the VA usually does not pay them too much regard. Sometimes they actually look at them but they will want their own opinion. .The Doctor whom you saw after discharge is the one to help. He can write a Nexus and state the Apnea started during your service and he needs explain his rationale for his opinion. Contact the Doctor on AD that told you this. It should be in the records. If so and you still have Apnea it should be a slam dunk at 50 percent. ( CPAP machine used)
  5. That is great news, I read the story and it also said the VA has the option to appeal to the Supreme Court. I hope they dont but if it drags it out they will.
  6. Try NPRC New Orleans. Yhey may have the records there.
  7. Vike is totally correct. Doctors cannot tell the percentage you will be rated. You can get a good idea as to the rating once you have gotton a copy of the C@P exam. Take the results and go to www.va.gov. Compensation and pension, directives, schedule for rating disabilities. Look up the ranges of motion in your back and see where it is on the list. That will be the likely percentage. If you have any neurological defecits from your back it should be rated separately.This is a little tricky for nerves are rated differently as to incomplete or complete paralysis. There are several
  8. Congressional inquiries usually give the VA an excuse to add 60 days to the claim.
  9. You must have one disability service connected at least 60 percent, or a combination of service connected disabilities at least one at 40 percent, or get extra schedular consideration.
  10. Tower rat, If you are able to, call the VARO and tell them you want to review your claim folder along with all the evidence inside. You can take the addditional evidence with you. I bet you find it in the file. The bottom line is: Go see what they have before the DRO hearing. John.
  11. It can be awarded if the SC for PTSD includes a big weight gain. Obstructive Apnea is an obstruction in the resp. system, usually in th enasal area its self. Central Sleep apnea is neurologic in nature but bith are often misdiagnosed. Dont give up on the issue. You will need a nexus from a MD. IMO will work best if it is from a Pulmonary specialist.
  12. I set up trips for catching and eating. I also practice catch and release. If I catch a real big fish five pounds ov over I release them back for the fish is too old to eat and the meat is not too good. I do fish lakes that have slot limits where they try to thin the smaller fish population so I catch and eat 12 to 14 inchers.
  13. The retro would satisfy me at the date proposed. It is 6 of 1 and half a dozen of the other. I still have a CUE claim in process and will not give that up.
  14. At 2am, I sent a request asking the VA how to proceed with notes from a VA pulmonary Specialist. I got the notes yeaterday. For 3 years I have claimed Phrenic Nerve Paralysis secondary to cervical spine along with pulmonary Hypertension, Sleep Apnea. Well Just last week, A Pulmonary Specialist looked at the latest MRI and stated in the notes that the diaphragm paralysis is likely secondary to moderate to severe narrowing of the cervical spine c3 to c5. I sent this to the VA this morning with a 21-4138 stating that I have several issues on appeal. Pulmonary Hypertension associated wit
  15. Berta that is wonderful. Thank you for reaching and helping fellow veterans and spouses. Your extensive knowledge and never give up attitude are truly a godsend. John
  16. Hypertension manifest during the first post service year and a MD stating their opinion so. The BP readings must be compensable if not shown in service. Compensable means that it is at least 10 percent disabling. BP readings predominatly 160 sys or 100 diastolic.
  17. Actually it is c3 with accessory nerves to c4 and c5. The Diaphragm is innervated by the Phrenic Nerve. I have Speep apnea and Phrenic Nerve paralysis associated with the cervical spine. (Service connected) and am having to fight for the 100 percent based on Pulmonary hypertension. You should have to have an EMG stating the phrenic nerve and diaphraghm are effected. Be aware that having needles stuck into your diaphragm are no fun and very dangerous.
  18. Dont worry about the nasty tag. Every benefit you collect from the VA is a deserved benefit. You paid for it with your body and mind. Like other Veterans I did not have a choice and neither did you.
  19. A chemical stress test involves using a radioactive isotope such as thallium. It is injected into your arm and you wait for a an hour. Then they put you under a scanner to scan your heart. After that they inject you with a medicine that causes the heart to race. Once they reach a certain level, maybe 130, then they give you a shot and slow it down and you are placed back on the scanner. I hope all goes well. If they find sometiing, they most likely will do a heart echo and cath.
  20. I found this??? Listen to what NPR has to say about Dr. Gerson H. Smoger and his agent orange lawsuit victory. NPR radio interview with Dr. Gerson Smoger regarding his case: http://discover.npr.org/features/feature.jhtml?wfId=1292789 Agent Orange Melissa Block speaks with Gerson Smoger, the lawyer for Joe Isaacson, and Daniel Stephenson, a retired helicopter pilot living in Florida. Both men claim they suffer from cancers related to their exposure to Agent Orange, used in the 1960s and 1970s to clear dense jungle foliage that provided cover for enemy forces durin
  21. 1: If you have a decision on any part of a claim, even though it is not complete, fill out the form 9 snd submit it. You will receive another SOC stating you can also have a DRO review. 2: Very important: The unmentioned issues you have may be waiting at the RO for another decision. Now this is where it gets complicated. The VA can let the 1 year time frame expire on a claim and t he claim is deemed to have an automatic denial. So if the other claims are close to the 1 year point, Send an IRIS questionaire. If your answer is not satisfactory to you, I would send in a Statement of case and m
  22. Huskerfanfl, you are fortunate because the louisville RO is now one of the Best in the country for claims. It wasnt always that way but Now the Service Center Manager seems to be very good. Be sure to get your disabled Vet plate for your vehicles. Just take a copy of the letter with you and show the court house.
  23. Here is what you can do to get a fast response. Call your VA and talk to your Primary care docs nurse. Tell the nurse that the VA stopped the plavix and you would like the nurse or primary doc to send an email message or a note to the Cardio doc. Get the cardio doctor to re-write the prescription. Usually you should be seen every 6 months or so by cardio. It may not be the case for I am SC for heart disease and have seen only 1 heart doc (Stress Test). This should clear it up. Another thing is if you have health insurance, Then you need to contact the patient Rep at the hospi
  24. Jecsb54, a MD stating at lease as likely as not: should envoke the benefit of the doubt rule. But it is not always the case. There are several factors to look at. One is if the entire file has been reviewed or not. In the case of a C@P exam, if the doctor states the entire record has been reviewd or it is in VA format,you should have no problems.
  25. Remember, effective dates state: The date entitlement arose or the date of claim whichever is later. In Chuckles case it should be the date awarded SSD benefits. Jangrin, file a NOD as to the fact that the benefit arose on the date SSD was awarded and attach a copy. They most likely will change the award as they review the claim. John
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