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  1. http://benefits.va.gov/REPORTS/abr/ABR-Compensation-FY15-05092016.pdf
  2. usmc1962

    eBenefit Letters Down?

    Hang in there, my letters were unavailable for several months.
  3. usmc1962

    eBenefit Letters Down?

    Letters seems to be working now
  4. usmc1962

    eBenefit Letters Down?

    Still unable to get any letters..anyone else?
  5. usmc1962

    eBenefit Letters Down?

    Mine have been unavailable for over a week
  6. usmc1962

    update success

    No..I got my code sheet and spoke with someone that works at the vba...no further exams scheduled per the code sheet...mostly due to nature of my comtentions, statements made by cp examiners. And my age..I should not expect future exams..I am being paid 70%...I quess because I am working..work for my brother in law part time......I can't keep a job. And what I do for him i don't need to interact with people much.
  7. usmc1962

    update success

    All claims c!osed...50% PTSD. 20% PNES. 10% tinnitus. 10% idiopathic disequilibrium... 70% va math...no further exams scheduled...thanks to asknod and hadit Semper fi
  8. usmc1962

    Reevaluate Question

    Okay so I went ahead and called Peggy the 1 800 number and they pulled it up and they said it's a very unique file and there is no scheduled future exam etc in the future looks like it's all written in stone he says its some of these can be rare cases where you're not going to be eval'd due to my age and disabilies
  9. Hi thanks for helping us all out with your knowledge. I have a question...I am 70% combined 4 issues..nothing in any of my award letters say anything about future exams..I am 52 just got my awards !ast year..I have been messed up for 30 yrs..50% PTSD..on my cp exam vamc Dr said I have been suffering since the day my stressor occurred... Just curious if I would expect reexam? Thanks
  10. usmc1962

    Severence Pay

    They only reclaim if the severence disability is the same as the sc Va rated disability.
  11. PR thanks for your info. I am still making my way thru this va journey, trying to understand...my story is long and complicated. I hope to put it out here one of these days and hope to get some advice.
  12. 50%..per my cp exam vamc psyc examanier been suffering since stressor 28 years ago..put my claim in last summer.
  13. My VAMC pyscologist diagonosed me with both,but I only got rated for PTSD,I never put a claim in for depression.. Should I and can I?
  14. Quick question navy04.. Did you request an increase or did they do it automatically?

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