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  1. So after over 4 years since I was honorably discharged (12/15/12), I just received confirmation of my PTSD being service connected among a couple other disabilities, and I am incredibly grateful to have this battle won, however the numbers and dates on the back pay are not accurate. Prior to this I was rated 30% disabled and paid $456.97 a month (married without children). I am now rated 90% disabled and still married without children which I believe is $1,894.71 a month. I received $33,328.04 in back pay on the 8th which I am entirely grateful for, but the numbers and dates are not at all accurate. According to the disability page the 'Effective Dates' are completely inaccurate. I went ahead and attached my claim history and my disabilities overview. I originally placed PTSD in the claim made on 12/08/2014, and even went to the VA for Trauma Recovery Program where I was diagnosed with PTSD before that, but the Effective Date says 3/30/2015. Even so if you calculate the difference of 30% to 90% its $1437.74 which I understand is just for this year as the pay fluctuates. That still roughly comes out to 23 months of back pay to July 2015. Also the other dates are wrong and the scars claim effective dates don't even make sense as it says 12/15/2012 it was service connected then brings an arrow to 3/30/2015. Before this recent update the dates were correct. I don't know what to do... I am finally satisfied with my claim, but the back pay was screwed up. How do I get this corrected?
  2. Thank you for your response. I'd gladly take your advice if I could find his email, and no I never got a C&P exam for my PTSD. In terms of the new system on ebenefits, can someone elaborate on how/where I make an appeal?
  3. I have been going to a VA clinic for treatment of PTSD for sexual assault for 3 months now. Online I submitted for PTSD and on the 18th of March the claim was closed. I couldn't find any detailed information on the site of my claims other than what I submitted for, so I waited for the letter. In the letter it failed to make any mention of PTSD. The same day I was contacted by a 'Veterans Claims & Appeals Officer' who discussed my recent claim's results. I asked about why PTSD wasn't mentioned. To dismiss me he said, "how can you be so sure you have PTSD?". I explained that I've been in treatment for PTSD for 3 months. Then again to dismiss he said, "well how can you prove it was in relation to your military experience?" In frustration I explained bluntly that I was sexually assaulted while I was on deployment. He then quickly explained that I can appeal and ended the conversation. Do these people even read when you make a claim? This was insulting to me, and completely unprofessional. I shouldn't have to explain this to someone over the phone who should damn well know the sensitivity of the matter. The VA clinic has even diagnosed me with PTSD, and I still get denied. So now I go online to ebenefits to appeal the claim and the option is gone and the site has completely changed. I spent the last 2 hours trying to figure out how to make an appeal. Is there a guide to this new system to appeal a claim???
  4. After waiting 18 months, and then an additional 4 months due to a scheduling error on the VA's part I finally got my C&P exam done. I thought it went very good and was a very thorough 4 hour examination. However, I was surprised to find that of the 12 items on my original claim, only 1 of them was approved. Also the 1 that was approved, was in direct relation to 2 other items. To go into detail, I was approved for 'broken nose, deviated septum' which was from blunt trauma to the nose, and I had surgery on it while I was active duty, but it didn't resolve the blockage hence the disability. Since then I had additional issues in relation to the initial injury and post surgery. Before I checked out from active duty, I made sure they had these issues amongst others diagnosed, copied, and submitted these items to the VA. They stated that I had rhinitis and sinusitis. I explained all this to the examiner. Well apparently they can't put a 3 piece puzzle together because for those 2 items they stated "The evidence continues to show this condition was not incurred in or aggravated by military service". Which is complete BS as it is in complete relation to the other disability they said was in relation to my military service... Of the 12 things I applied for, I felt the most serious of which was my post partial amputation which was also denied, which makes absolutely no sense to me, and just makes me sick to my stomach. Is this a normal practice of the VA C&P Process? So what is my next move? Do I play with eBenefits for a few hours? Do I call and just keep appealing and waiting 6-18 months? At my next exam should I exaggerate the conditions? I don't know how you exaggerate a post partial amputation... Do I point at it and state "HEY, SOMETHING IS MISSING RIGHT HERE... WHERE THE HELL IS IT?"
  5. When I initiated my claim I didn't realize I had PTSD so its not on my initial claims. Since I filed my claim and began my transition into the civilian world I began to notice issues with anger and irritability that I never recall displaying before or while I was in. At first I passed it off as other people's fault and just transition stress, but as time went on my anger outbursts got worse. I started looking into PTSD and felt it was an exact match of the behavior I was displaying. Having flashbacks and reenacting them, not being able to put my mind at rest at night, trust issues, anger and irritability... So I'm waiting for my C&P exam, but PTSD isn't listed... so what do I need to do to get this placed on there so that I can be evaluated and diagnosed? Also I plan to start seeing a personal physiologist, would their diagnosis be of any help?
  6. I discharged in San Diego and setup my claim there. My wife joined the military shortly after and is stationed up here.
  7. So I'm currently waiting to get my C&P exam (been waiting for almost 2 years), however my wife is in the military and I have doctors outside the VA system. Today I was looked by an ENT doctor concerning my nose issues, which is also something on my claim. I had surgery on my ship to open up my nasal passage due to an injury in relation to my service, however I have noticed its closing up again. Today they found that I have a 70% airway blockage and I have had closed nasal bone fracture for quite some time and they recommended me for surgery. I went ahead and collected their paperwork on this. So I have a few questions concerning this situation. Is this paperwork worth anything to the VA? Will it help my claim? How do I submit it to the VA? If I receive surgery before my exam and the issue is resolved will I get back pay for the last 2 years I've been living with this? If I wait and they award me with the 10% due to the blockage, and reconstructive surgery fixes the issue, will/when will they remove the 10%? When I do surgeries and stuff outside the VA how does it work? Do they have access to the documents or do I have to inform them? How frequently after my initial C&P do you get examined? Sorry I know its a lot of questions, but I would really appreciate some incite and try to understand how this works...
  8. Well I finally got word I was approved for resubmitting my claim so I can get another C&P Sometime in the next 2 months... I originally setup my claim in San Diego, but my wife joined the military and we are stationed in upstate NY. So I have to wait for San Diego office to resubmit it over to the Syracuse office. I was informed that San Diego office doesn't take incoming calls and all I can do is send a letter requesting status, so other than that its just a waiting game... If anyone has any numbers I can try to call or an address I can send letters to get something official that would be appreciated...
  9. I have been waiting over a year and a half for my C&P... I finally got my exam scheduled, however it was in the middle of a big move so I had it rescheduled from May 29th at 2:30 to June 2nd at 2:30. The lady that rescheduled it apparently screwed up as it was a 2 hour exam and that 2:30 slot was only 1 hour open... so she rescheduled me for 8 that morning instead and didn't notify me. That morning on the 2nd at 8:10 she called me asking if I was coming in for my appointment, to which I explained that she had set me up with a 2:30, and she said I should have received and reschedule call informing me of the error. I said I was more than happy to come in now, but it will take me 40 minutes to drive there. She said it was fine, and that I would just have to go through claims to resubmit for another exam. So I call in and explain what happened, and they tell me they will get back to me in 20 days... and they never got back to me... Well now almost 1 month later, I get an award letter in the mail denying me of 9 out of 10 things with the exception of my hearing... I have a post partial amputation with documents and xrays and they even denied me that, all due to this missed appointment. I called up the number on the paper to explain my situation, and now I have to wait an additional 20 days to have it reviewed. I have a feeling I'm going to be waiting another year before I get another appointment because of someone elses mistake... Any advice?
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