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  1. Awesome, I'm very happy for your win. Another glimmer of hope....
  2. Good deal on your partial...Keep up the fight and never let it go!
  3. BigSarge, I just put your idea to the test. Sent Allison Hickey an email and so far, it wasn't kicked back by Google.....Kept it short and sweat, however, I did watch her a bit on YouTube so I could get a feel for her emotional state when she spoke of Veterans.....
  4. I'm preparing my email tonight and I figure I need to catch her or him in the first two sentences of a minimum of three or four paragraphs. I even thought of sending attachment of my evidence, but that may be too much time and involved on their end. Any suggestions?
  5. Awesome, just awesome. I'm very happy for you, and it also gives me a thought of hope. Relax and Enjoy!!! Scouts Out!
  6. Berta, Thank you for the compliments and kind opening words. It's always better to have someone to proof read your work, and to make some well needed suggestions. No, I don't have a completed copy of my SMR and I kick myself in the XXX for not being better pro active in retaining a completed copy, so if they don't see it I don't know i'm just blowing in the wind. Yes, both individuals wrote statements for me and I feel that VA ignored them completely but listed them in evidence received. Both of the statements were on point with my roommates being very strong, and in detail. I also see my mistakes in the incomplete thought pattern and will fix it. I do remember getting in trouble a few times on the Army's famous article 89 (Appointed place of duty) Inside my denial packet was a Sleep apnea disability benefit questionnaire and was told by Nashville, TN rater to have my primary care physician fill out and attached to NOD, which he filled out and I will include in this packet. My medical doctor stated that based on all the evidence my OSA occurred while on active duty. When I read her rationale for her decision she just listed the symptoms of OSA, which just blew me away. Would it be too much to post the questionnaire from C&P with personal information removed or blackened out, and also post the counter questionnaire filled out by my medical doctor? Once they receive my NOD could they re-investigate and then rate fairly or will they send it straight to the appeal process? If I raise a reason of doubt, which I think I have done do I need more evidence on my NOD for OSA or wait for the VA Form 9 to strengthen my case at that time? My medical file arrived today and going through it, my claim should have been approved when I first filed. I will continue to read and put this in another order or just add deeper into it. I'll post back in a few days! I found her two internet sources that she used and she didnt even change one word but put her signature block on it as if she thought of the systems in that detail order. Isn't that plagiarism by a physician assistant? Thank you again for reading and your suggestions
  7. Wonderful News all worth the wait
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