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  1. Benefits and Claims 45 year old claim Congressman Jeff Miller Veteran Affairs Chairman 335 Cannon House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Attn: Chris Stone, Military Fellow Dear Congressman Miller, I recently saw you on major news channels discussing the present day VA Scandal and the death of veterans, due to no healthcare or poor healthcare. Let me share a problem with “benefits and claims” that has resulted in far more deaths. My original claim was filed in 1969, 45 years ago. I was discharged from the Marines upon my return from Viet Nam at El Toro California in September 1
  2. I real numbers to take to my Senator! Bad C&P exams and "no time to fill out DBQ's
  3. I have an open door to Jeff Sessions ands Bradlely Bryne, I need some help getting the the info on how many Vets are experiencing bogus C&P exams. I need a count of all of you that have legimate false C&P exams and hopefully a a private doctor's staement to back it up, I am going to the mat on this one. I have 4 Vets that got Bad C&P exams and have private doctors statements that say the the C&P exams are wrong, when a VA PA exams over rides a MD. One Medical Doctor said "You need an attorney" Also I need help on how many vets are trying to get a DBQ's filled out only to be t
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