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  1. If it were me I would file for IU now for an earlier effective date. Also, if you are awarded SSDI you can send that award letter in to give your IU claim more strength.
  2. Curious what your other ratings are that got you to 90%. Sounds like you have a decent chance at Iu with your 70% GAD and your Doc stating you should not work. Did she put that wording in your progress notes? If so, did you include that in ur IU claim?
  3. From your post I assume you filed for IU. I agree with john999 about resubmitting everything VA requested. Sounds to me like you will be getting an IU c&p. they will reexamine all your ratings. As for an attorney, generally, you would need have been denied already and even then they will decide if it is financially in their interest to take your case.
  4. In my opinion your employment and # of hours worked might hamper your chances of IU. I worked fewer hours and was denied. Hope it works out for you.
  5. That is what I posted. With IU p&t you are eligible for those additional benefits.
  6. It should help. any type of verification will help. Eyewitnesses, medical treatments, etc. Orders? flight transportation records?
  7. How about buddy letters from people you worked with on that detail to help verify your story. that would be very helpful. in your stressor letter did you mention your multiple marriages. That impacted my claim posittively. from what you wrote it seems to me that your biggest hurdle is getting verification of the events. Did you get denied for PTS by VA docs? Are you being seen by a VA psych now?
  8. Dude been there. hopefully you are being honest with ur psych. think about inpatient. give ur mind a rest get stable. been through cognitive behavioral therapies and couseling, group and individual. so many different meds,prazocin, buproprion, fluoxetine, zolpidem, lorazapam, torazadone. Ambien (zolpidem) has worked best for me with the nightmares. plz think about inpatient. generally 30 days. also you are pd at 100% during that time.
  9. By doctors do you mean psychologists or psychiatrists? Since you are rated for PTSD make sure that you call your mental health clinic and set up appointment if you have not done so.
  10. what does your decision letter state. ChampVA ? Chap. 35 benefits ? What about future evaluations? all good indicators of total and permanent ( IU P&T ). I had similar situation to yours prior to approval.
  11. Strange, sounds like IU p&t. Was this a decision letter via snail mail. if so did it say anything about chap 35 benefits or ChampVA ?
  12. agree with pete992. Sounds like you have a great shot at SSDI. IU may be more difficult. If your VA PCP has documemted than you are unemployable due to your service connected disabilities, that would go a long ways toward IU. Good luck to you.
  13. Consider appealing this decision. If you have been 30% for two conditions since '06 and they just increased one to 50% ? At the very least when '19 rolls around and your condition has not improved then you have a very good shot.
  14. Old thread I know. To answer the first part of the question, there are differences between 100% schedular and IU p&t. With IU p&t your spouse and children are eligible for ChampVA, chap. 35 education benefits and DIC.
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