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  1. TommyTX619

    Sleep Apnea Granted

    My sleep apnea claim is pending and currently in the pending decision approval status. I am one of those that never was diagnosed in service or tested, although I had the symptoms. My TBI dr actually requested that I be tested after connecting the dots from my migraines and sleepiness. She also stated that many of my other documented problems most likely "hid" the sleep apnea. Needless to say I did test positive and filed a claim. I am pretty nervous about the decision as I hear cases like mine are rarely approved in the claim realm but often on appeal. After combing through my records I did find something that linked my weight gain to my PTSD meds. At the time I told my shrink I was not going to take my meds anymore after gaining 25lbs and was prescribed Metformin to combat the weight gain. Looking back, that will likely help in my apnea and my ED claim. My ED was denied due to my weight, smoking, drinking, drug use, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure. The only thing that was correct was the weight as I am still 25-30 lbs overweight. The rest was completely false as my cholesterol tests revealed excellent levels and I dont smoke, drink, or do drugs. I guess I will find out soon enough as those two items have been in pending approval for a little over two weeks now. Anyways here is the record. do you think that this will help my claim at all?
  2. TommyTX619


    Long time lurker and first time poster here. My name is Thomas and I am US Army Retired (PDRL medical). I was retired on TDRL in May of 2010 and received the PDRL status in January 2014. I have had several issues with my claims, education benefits, and even adding dependents along the way. Currently I am 90% on appeal and have two claims pending. It has been an uphill battle and although every item I claimed was heavily documented (1300 papers from the Army alone) not one item on my claim has been easy which is why I am here now.

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