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  1. VRhodes

    Survey Of Timelines

    Thanks guys! Definitely no pattern here. Good thing that patience is a virtue, huh?
  2. VRhodes

    Survey Of Timelines

    Hi there. Would you please comment how many contentions you applied for and how long it took to reach a decision? Just curious =) Thank you!
  3. VRhodes

    Prepartion For Decision

    Yep. .. been there. . Went back to gathering evidence and now back to prep for decision. At least I know they are working on it and didn't forget :/ we are now in month 7. Hope yours goes fast ????
  4. VRhodes


    Good news is that we are now back to prep for decision. Thinking positively. . At least they are working on it :)
  5. VRhodes


    Thanks guys. You're right. ...ebenefits is stressful. He did contact his VA rep. She asked for his dd214 and said she was going to write a letter on his behalf. Hope you all have a great weekend! Thnx again :)
  6. VRhodes


    Hello. I am curious if the estimated completion times are accurate. My husband retired May 1. Initially, Ebennies said it should be complete in October 2014. We were waiting to get to Pending Decision Approval for several weeks...months even. Suddenly we got kicked back to Gathering Evidence. Now it says it could be Jan of 2016! I'm really hoping this is not very accurate....any experience with this? On a side note, when we got kicked back to Gathering Evidence we got a letter stating that if they needed anything from us that we'd be notified via mail. This change happened Sept 25th. Today, Oct 20th we see on Ebennies that since we did not provide the requested documentation they are closing the request. After coming home from work I picked up the mail. That's where I see a letter written on the 25th of Sept, postmarked for Oct 18th and received Oct 20th. In the letter it requests dental records for his entire career in the Army. This is very odd because he sent in his dental records, for the Navy though...he has never served in the Army. Just to add extra chaos, in the same envelope was another letter...addressed to another man living in Arizona (we are in WA). My faith in the system is fading. Do you really think it'll be another year + before he receives benefits? Thanks in advance for your advice :)
  7. VRhodes

    Claim Is Almost Complete!

    Georgiapapa....if you don't mind me asking..how long ago did you retire?

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