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  1. cursed_5age

    Please Advise

    So i'm here trying to get ahold of my local VA rep and am hitting a wall. This makes 2 weeks where i've called and been unable to speak to him. I will keep everyone informed to the best of my ability. Thank you all for your advice and please keep it coming. Thank you.
  2. cursed_5age

    Please Advise

    Thank you all for the help, in order to give you more knowledge on what i have: Sleep Apnea; 50% PTSD; 70% Back; 10% Numbness in right leg; 10% Numbness in left leg; 10% The pain in my back is getting better but the numbness in my legs are getting worse. I was denied on blunt trauma to the mouth which caused me to loose 3 of my teeth, as well as migraines, due to me having a history of headaches. Not migraines like I suffer now but just normal headaches. The claims I still wanted to put in for are; Knee pain; due to multiple deployments and forced marches with full gear. Hand/Wrist; due to an injury where I had several dislocated joints in my hand at one time and developed chronic wrist pain. Shoulder Injury; my job was a canine trainer and having to "catch' 80lb. to 105lb. dogs running at me full speed has caused me to not be able to fully rotate my shoulders fully without pain. I'm 29 years old and I got out in 2011 and did not receive a rating until March of 2014. During that time I've made 2 more trips to Afghanistan and I'm still here for the second one. I really can't do it anymore. My wife and I have been discussing separation/divorce which i'm sure is contributing to my anxiety and depression. Back on topic, sorry. I've read the forum and I don't qualify for TDIU because I'm still employed. Any idea's on what my next steps should be?
  3. Hello, I have just recently received a 90% disability rating from the VA. I've only submitted for 4 things and received the rating and I still need to complete submissions for other claims. None of this is really pertinent to my question though. I am at 90% and am currently gainfully employed with a contracting company. My problem is that part of my job is going overseas. I really can't handle that any more, the other part of my job requires a lot of physical activity, which once again I really don't know how much longer I can continue. My mind is never at rest and my body hurts more and more each day. Some days I'm unable to work because of the pain and for my own mental well being, sometimes I need to leave work early. My employer is great and truly understands my needs but even they need to make money and i'm not always helpful, but still I can't continue doing the work I'm doing now. Any advice or insight to help me with where to go next? Should I quit my job and try to learn something new? Should I inform someone at the VA before I do anything? I'm really at a loss for what to do.
  4. cursed_5age

    Just Checking

    Not a problem. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. cursed_5age

    Just Checking

    First post on hadit.com. Just making sure it will work.

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