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  1. Thank you for your feedback, I had a follow-up appointment where they found 2 "bleeders" next to my optic nerve (one in each eye), I'm supposed to go back in for another appointment in a month. The Dr. told me I have "mild" retinopathy but I'm not really sure what this means, bleeders next to my optic nerves doesn't sound "mild" to me. I understand that it is service connected and eligible for a rating as a secondary condition but don't have any idea if it should receive a % rating. I would appreciate comments from anyone that has experience in dealing with this issue. Thank you! Scott
  2. I have a service connected disability which includes Diabetes. I recently changed States and while getting set up for the new facility the Dr. stated that in an eye test over a year ago in another state they determined I have diabetic retinopathy. The prior VA facility did not tell me this, but the Dr. let me read it on the screen. My question is this, should I have this rated, does the diagnosis alone qualify me for a rating or does it require significant rather than minor damage? Thank you for your help!

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