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  1. The VA service related condition of COPD/Asbestosis due to asbestsos exposure while in the navy with a 0% rating, until after my Pulmonary Breathing Test on 8-27-2014 at the VA medical center in Ann Arbor, MI. They closed my claim and stated that they would evaluate the results of the Pulmonary test to evaluate the extent of my condition. They admit it is service related showing CT findings of focal areas of bilateral pleural thickening and plaques, several of which are associated with coarse calcifications, therefore service connection is warrented. Sounds like greek to me just wondered if anyone had any thoughts or experience with this condition, or what I might expect after the exam? Thank's
  2. Anybody had a C&P claim close decision letter sent and 5 days later under administrative review and review closed the next day and 10 days later no letter?
  3. Anybody know what an administrativew review means after a calim for C&P has closed. Then the administrative review is completed 5 days later on the same day as it was initiated?
  4. on 7-3-14 e-benifits showed claim closed notification letter sent/developement letter sent - appeal possible. on 7-8-14 the same claim showed in administrative review and the admin review was closed on the same day 7-8-14 and said notification letter sent-appeal possible. Its now the 13th of July and nothing in the mail from July 3rd or July 8th this is my initial 14 month long claim for c&p and I dont know what to expect.. Any thoughts ?
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