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  1. I Thank everyone for the input. I'm going to the clinic tomorrow for the eye exam & will talk to a patient contact rep about improving the "kicked out" term to something better.
  2. I'm new to posting and didn't know where to post this, so I started a New Topic. Hello, just looking for input from anyone who had a similar experience or any advice. I retired from the Navy in 2004. I don't use the VA for any healthcare but recently found out I'm enrolled and don't remember enrolling. I had a C & P exam at the Wilmington NC VA clinic 2 months ago. While I was there I noticed the Optometry clinic so I went in said to the staff "I didn't know the VA had different frames to choose from, I thought it was just BC glasses" The staff said "No, there's choices and we do eye exams too" I said "I'm not registered in the VA healthcare system, so I can't" The staff said "Are you sure you're not registered? What's your name and last 4" She looked and I'm in the system unbeknownst to me. So I made an appointment for August 25th. I got a message to call the Wilmington NC VA clinic. Naturally thinking it was in reference to my upcoming appointment, I returned the call. When I called back, I identified myself and the man on the phone said "What's your last 4" I told him and he said "I need to schedule you for an appointment with a General Physician" I said "Why" the man said "You have to see a General Physician annually or you'll be kicked out of the VA healthcare system" I told him "I don't use the VA for any healthcare" and he said "I'll let them know" and he hung up. Since I don't use the VA for healthcare I shouldn't be concerned right? My concern is that other Veterans are being threatened with being "kicked out". I can't believe that a Vet can be kicked out of the VA healthcare system but I wouldn't be surprised that the VA would do that. So before I call someone in charge at the Wilmington NC VA clinic seeking answers for the "kicked out" threat, I wanted some feedback if the VA can kick a Vet out of the healthcare system for not using VA healthcare. I did a quick google search to find a policy but didn't find anything. Thank you for any assistance or guidance.

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