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  1. Yes I claimed them, I just had the C&p exam on Friday. I've taken so many medications I can't even remember including injections. I haven't received my military records yet but hopefully they come on soon. Thanks yall!!!!!
  2. I got out the Army in Oct 13. I had my c&p exam for it today and was worried about whether I was diagnosed with migraines or not. Thank you!
  3. I have been prescribed migraine medication by the VA and a Army as well as had and injections for migraine headaches in the Military. Does this mean I have had a diagnosis for migraines? I look on my issues list through the VA and it only shows my MH diagnosis. How do I find this out?
  4. I have my C&P exam today for my bilateral foot conditions. How do I let the examiner know I'm In pain during the physical if I'm not in pain today? Will this impact my rating? I also had an exam for reevaluation for PTSD on Wednesday and I'm worried I might be decreased.The examiner asked me 5 or 6 questions and it lasted about 10 min. I hadn't gone to the VA for counseling ( only new or to change a dosage of of medication) I'm extremely worried.
  5. Ive been out of the military for about 9 months now and started receiving my VA disability in Apr of this year (2014). I haven't been to see the VA for the issues that I was MEB Boarded out of the army for specifically but I do see a psychiatrist and a psychologist a few times. Today I look on my EBENEFITS account page and there was a claim for increase of my PTSD/Depression claim..but it was dated to May 30, 2014 but I did not put in a claim for this. Who would be able to put in a claim for increase? Im sure this is relevant...While still in the military I put in another claim for my migraines, shortness breath and foot pain...I didn't know I was not allowed to do this. After I got out, my initial claim was processed and I was given a percentage, but on benefits..it said notification letter sent...and that the migraines and etc... would be look at next but since the claims were merged it would still show that my PTSD/Depression claim on the open claims even though it was complete. So now It says " Development letter sent" under increase for the mental conditions and another claim stating the same thing for the mental and physical conditions combined. There was also document requested as of July 11, 2014 for the " Gathering of Evidence" section. Could I lose my current benefits due this...if they put in for an increase...can they make a decision to decrease instead because there aren't any new documents for my mental conditions? Thanks yall!!

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